Street PERRON Rx7 10 sec. Run

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perron rx7 19 inch rims street tires low boost
no traction first time at the track

9.85 @ 142.99 Low Boost ! 620hp. Stock Motor *Record*, Stock Transmission Stock Suspension
Low Boost ! 620hp. TestnTune Atco Raceway 9-26-09 Stock Motor "stock ports" stock Mazda Transmission Stock Suspension *Record* Anthony's 10 Sec FD RX-7
Checkout a good friend of ours and his 10 Mazda RX-7. I'm sure we'll see more of this car in the future.

Perron rx7 idle . Spool and a bit of flames
Perron rx7 . Build and driven by alejandro lugo . Tuned by chupa