1966 Pontiac Grand Prix

1966 Pontiacg Grand Prix, 421-376hp HO Tri-Power, factory A/C

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Delaware Car Show 2014

How to change a thermostat on a 2004-2009 pontiac grand prix
Just in case someone does not know this : MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT PUT SILICON ON THE THERMOSTAT ITSELF! Make sure the car is cold. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF IT WAS HELPFUL Just to show every one how easy it is and don't go paying 100 dollars like I did when I was young and dumb. Get the thermostat at any autozone, pep boys or anywhere you like its about 7 to 14 dollars and that's all youll spend. Please like the video if it was helpful. This video is to show you where the thermostat is located.

1966 Grand Prix burnout/walkaround
1966 Pontiac Grand Prix with 428 H.O. does a burnout!!! Dad has owned the car for 28 years now... Same paint and body it had in 1982 when purchased from the original owner.

1966 Pontiac Grand Prix hardtop
Beautiful car...perfect paint, perfect interior! Big motor! The interior is well thought out...nice console with hydramatic and that big vacuum gauge which was the style of the time. Notice the woodgrain dash. A great descendant of one of the original "personal cars"!