mazda 626 turbo

mazda 626 modifier turbo

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mazda 626 turbo II
mazda 626 modifier turbo

Mazda 626 - Head Reassembly 5
Installation of e-Bay header (Exhaust manifold), front EGR pipe fitting, ignition coil, fuel filter, fuel lines, power steering pump, alternator belt, power steering & A/C belt, and valve cover gasket. Special thanks to EricTheCarGuy for detailing the break-in procedure for installing a rebuilt engine. Cranking with no spark or fuel really does help a lot! Absolutely recommend checking out his video if you are going through a rebuild.

Mazda 626 Coupe Turbo
FE3N turbo FE3T

Mazda 626 matsuri 2.0T Primera encendida
Despues de una reparada... larga... se ha podido encender el carro..... y esta en pruebas...