Lexus is300 Flowmaster

2004 Lexus IS300 5 speed, K&N intake and Flowmaster 40 series Exhaust from catback.

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IS300 with Magnaflow muffler
Made this for those to that want a slight growl but nothing obnoxious. There is no drone at cruising speeds and it sounds just like stock. Only time you hear it is when you give it gas but it sounds a bit louder in the video than in person. In person its a bit quieter than a stock 350z Exhaust but the tone is the same as you hear here, nice low deep tone.

Lexus IS300 Borla Dual Exhaust - Better Sound (HD)
This one has a little better sound than the first. My first videos no one could hear anything. Got a sub? Turn it it up for this one

Lexus is300 Straight pipe
2003 lexus is300 straight pipe.

IS300 custom straight pipe
Custom straight pipe on my buddies is300