SRRS - Horsepower Hill Drags compilation at Wheelin in the Country 8-4-2012

Compilation video of all of the participants in the drags during the Wheelin in the Country Southern Rock Race Series drag event on horsepower Hill.

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K5 Blazer climbing Cherokee Hill at Wheeling in the Country 5-29-11

Green Turbo Buggy rolls multiple times on Axle Hill during New Years Ride at WITC
Green turbo Buggy flipping on Axle Hill during the New Years Ride 2011-2012 at Wheelin in the Country. This buggy sounds AMAZING in person. Definitely a good job on the turbo setup!

Stock 4x4 Chevrolet Tahoe climbing Horsepower Hill and Ford F150 showing him up WITC New Years Ride
Stock 4x4 Chevrolet Tahoe trying a muddy hill climbing WITC New Years Ride 1-1-11 He gave it his best but just couldn't get it, then a Ford F150 comes along and shows him up by completing the climb... barely.

SRRS - Orange and Black buggy rolls on Flipper at Wheelin in the Country 8-4-2012
Orange and Black buggy takes a nice roll on Flipper at the Southern Rock Race Series event at Wheelin in the Country.