TRC GTR Battles ZR1 and Doug Levin Viper

TRC GTR- Midpipe, Downpipe, Tune, E-85 **575awhp** ZR1- Stock Viper- Supercharged,Bolt ons, Doug Levin Built

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Badass e85 ZR1 battles 600whp GTR
The Badass ZR1 with the driver mod finally gets on the corn juice(e85) and challenges the TRC GTR once again... ZR1 mods: injectors, e85 fuel, intake, pulley, headers, tune, Nitto NT05R GTR mods: Intakes, Exhaust, e85, inlets, tune, 18's w/nitto NT05r

2013 GT500 vs 2013 Corvette ZR1
2013 GT500 (bolt-ons 680 rwhp)vs 2013 Corvette ZR1 (stock)

Corvette ZR1 Hennessey; Jeep SRT-8 Twin Turbo; Mercedes E63 AMG (W212); Mercedes S65 AMG
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Manual VS Flappy Paddles! C6Z Corvette Battles Procharged C7 and Nissan GTR
Man-pedal vs Flappy Paddle! Welcome to the next episode of the TRC Invitational. This time we're back in the passenger seat with "GEO2JZ" from Real Street Performance and his daily driven C6Z Corvette. Last time we rode with Geo we were at TX2K highway hunting in his Supra. Thanks for watching, don't forget to subscribe!