Silence My alltrac coming through the smoke

My Alltrac pulling up to the staging lights before running a 13.3 against an EVO.

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1/4 de Milla - 180SX vs Celica All Trac - Clasificaciones 3ra Cadepor
Nissan 180SX vs Celica All Trac Clasificaciones

Celica GT4 900 awhp

868 & 863whp Dyno pull, Celica Alltrac ST-185, Full Exhaust
These 2 back to back runs were at 43psi falling to 39psi. Right at peak torque, (7000rpm) the tires spun on the Dyno on both runs. Apparently the front was doing a wheelie, so we put a a different strap across the front straps. Needless to say the 47psi run was just ridicules

Celica st185 knock sensor signal problem
Car: Toyota Celica st185 (2.0L turbo AWD 1990, engine: 3SGTE) ( ) Testing problem with knock sensor. Diagnostic code 52 comes up with the Check Engine Light, when car is at around 1800rpm with no load. at full load it goes over the rpms and doesnt shoot the light up. I have some metallic vibration in the engine bay at ~1800, need to check where its coming from. and yes, there is no Exhaust :D