Sachs 3 Gang Caravelle Tigra 1960

Sachs&Fichtel 3 Gang Motor. Im originalen Zustand.

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Servicing a Sachs Torpedo 3 speed internal gear hub
An instructional video about disassembling and reassembling a Sachs (later Sram) T3 hub gear, after cleaning. This is my first video on internal gear hubs. I made this as an experiment, if this could help anyone on servicing a T3. I'm planning to make similar videos about other popular IGHs. This time I took apart only the necessary parts to clean them thoroughly, but you may disassemble the planet carrier, the brake cone pawl assembly, the ring gear - clutch assembly and mount off the chainwheel. For a general cleaning and regreasing these steps are unnecessary. Cleaning of the parts is not displayed since its quite an easy thing, no need to show or explain. A brush can be useful on deep grooves. :) Last but not least I'd appreciate any advise on anything about how to improve visiblity, camera handling, cutting, and anything else you may inspect. See my webpage: (yet hungarian only)

How to take apart a Sachs 505 Clutch - Disassembly, Diagnosis, and Reassembly with Travis & Will
I was always afraid to pull it apart, but it's really not all that bad - there are several write ups for this clutch on MA, but I have yet to see a video about it. Sachs makes a really nice motor. Additional Reading:

SACHS HERCULES 125 Ks ano 1976, 6 velocidades...

Sachs G3 -Original Power
Alles original bis auf: Zylinder geportet P3 Krümmer Chrompott Läuft echte 49-50kmh laut navigon ( Tacho ist von Hercules Mk2 und geht 4-5kmh nach )