Coilover height adjustment Tutorial+Tips MAX suspension 240sx

In the process of installing the 6kg/mm springs in the rear of my s13 240sx I decided to make a vid of some tips and tricks of measuring. The methods for measuring your coils can also be used when setting ride height for the first time and can help you keep each coil at identical height as the adjacent one. (Unless your car is corner balanced, in which case each coil would be adjusted differently to distribute the weight evenly)

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Powertrix Coilover Install/Adjustment

How to Set Coil Pre-Compression and Ride Height for Pedders USA Supercar and Xa Coilovers
This video shows you how to accurately set both coil pre-compression and ride height on your work bench for both Xa 46mm monotubes and Supercar 52mm monotubes. Watch this video and your Pedders Coilover Installation will be faster, easier, done once and done right. While this video used Camaro parts, the process is the same across Pedders Coilover Range.

Installing Coilover Suspension in our Mazdaspeed 3! Join our Community of DIY'ers: Follow us on Facebook for More DIY Goodness: Follow us on Twitter! Check out our Pictures on Instagram! This install procedure is a good guide for most Mazda, Ford and Volvo vehicles- as their suspension design and components are very similar. This guide will also be a valuable resource for most people looking to upgrade to coilovers, as the MacPherson front strut/shock and spring rears setup are very common. Related Videos: Sway Bar Install - Camber Arms Install - End Links Install - At Home Alignment – Coming soon! Parts: - Mazdaspeed Performance Coilover Kit (Part # RAMS-8M-L10) ** These are equivalent to KW V3’s Tools Used: - Torque Wrench - Large Washer - Flat Head Screw Driver - Ratchet - 12mm, 14mm, 17mm, 20mm Sockets - 8mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm Wrenches - Adjustable Wrench - 3/8 Extension - Rubber Mallet - Spring Compressors - Hex Keys - Jack - Jack-stands - 18x2x4 Piece of Wood The DIY Rep in this Video is Ally! FTC Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by us. None of the companies mentioned are paying us for this video. All opinions are our own. Other Disclaimers- Everything you do is at your own risk. Everything DIY or its affiliates are not responsible for any personal injury or property damages incurred. **SAFETY FIRST EVERY TIME**

How do I adjust the ride height on my coilovers? Presented By Andy's Auto Sport On this Andy's Auto Sport FAQ, we're going to show you how to adjust the ride height on your coilovers. From stock replacement parts to high-performance aftermarket accessories, Andy's Auto Sport has what you need to get the looks and power your vehicle deserves. Source: Contact Us 1(800) 419 1152 or by email Please feel free to rank our video, share it, or embed it!