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Funny Moto Gymkhana crash


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2013 10 26 Moto Gymkhana サンメドウズ 練習会 Tanio 選手 CBR1000RR

ジムカーナバンパーの威力 MotoGymkhana Bumper
年間に数十回の転倒を経験するジムカーナライダーが、 長年の経験から開発したジムカーナバンパーの数々。 転倒時に、ライダーの身体を守るだけではなく、ステッ プ、ペダル、レバー、ハンドルのダメージを最小限に抑 え、直ぐにコースに戻れることを目的として作られてい る。 市販品によくある、エンジンガードとは違い、オートバ イ自体のバンク角を損なうことは無いが、そのため、ク ランクケース等にキズが付く場合もある。 バンパー自体がしなることで、車体自体への決定的なダ メージを緩和することが出来る。 スリップダウンやハイサイドなど、大きな転倒をしても 、オートバイを起こせばそのまま走り出せる程だ。 S.S.B.:http://zrx-drz.at.webry.info/theme/8a4cf0ba0d.html パワーバンドきむら:http://powerband-kimura.dee.cc/index.html

2013 Dunlop Cup Moto Gymkhana Round4 Heat2 CBR600RR
2013-09-22 DUNLOP・月刊オートバイカップ!ジムカーナ大会 第4戦 ヒート2 Moto Gymkhana CBR600RR(2006) B級 2位 総合11位 0ポイント F:INT K1 120 1.90 R:SC1 V2 160 2.1

2013 10 13 Moto Gymkhana JAPAN マサキ 選手 GSX-R750 heat 2

Moto Gymkhana - Japan Top Rider 2 -
He is the winner of today. He rides HONDA NSR250R. In MOTO Gymkana, NSR250 has been king for a long period of time. But NSR is now discontinued model and many NSR rides are finding new machines enough to fight in this competition. Nowadays 600cc class mid sports and motard models are popular. What will he chose?

Welcome to the world of Moto Gymkhana Vol.1
Vol.2→http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lamyXirxQqo Vol.3→http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sal4fZxfeX8

Moto Gymkhana Practice
Had a few clips of me practicing some riding for moto gymkhana. Reviewing those clips was very educational, but extremely boring as it was just endless u-turns, eights, and other figures. Decided to make something funny out of it. Me getting like this on the bike in the first seconds of the video is because I had GoPro strapped to the back,and I couldn't swing my leg over back seat. It was funny as hell seeing myself struggle like this, so decided to put this here as well.

Moto Gymkhana - Big bike -
At Moto Gymkhana competiton, riders run one by one and are mesasured the time. Some riders ride big bikes and others ride midle or small one. But the time is orderd simply from top to the last. Today, the corse was made with very small sections. So that small bikes might have an advantage.

Moto Gymkhana Tominaga(NSR250R) vs Yoshino(CRF450X)
In this race, the series champion in 2010 has been decided. The gymkhana rider of the top of Japan has been decided. We are preparing DVD of an English version that explains moto-gymkhana in detail. I can mail it to your country by matching one gymkhanaDVD of a Japanese version to DVD of an English version. The price is ¥4000~¥5000(about $47~$59). "Postage is included. " The payment of the price uses paypal. http://www.motobito.com/

2011 9 25 Dunlop Moto Gymkhana Winner Noboru Yoshino CRF450X

2011 10 9 Moto Gymkhana JAPAN Uraike NSR250R 2nd heat

Moto Gymkhana in heavy rain aprilia SXV450
2011 DUNLOP AUTOBY CUP! Gymkhana Round.1

Restricted Area - Drifting Motorcycles Crossing - Switch Riders Gymkhana
Production : Switch Riders - http://www.facebook.com/switchriders Riders : Jérémy Mérirès, Thomas Sagnier, Kevin Parussini Camera : Samuel Gibella, Arnaud Daucher Montage / Edit : Jérémy Mérirès Musique / Music : Daft Punk - Solar Sailer / Arion - Internet Rebellion Remerciements / special thanks : FREEGUN Underwear : http://www.freegun.fr Shark Helmets : http://www.shark-helmets.com/ PROmo Jeans : http://www.promojeans.it Daytona 2000 SL : http://www.daytona2000sl.com Lord Twin Cam : http://www.lordtwincam.com Motos / Bikes : Yamaha '04 R6 (Grey), Kawasaki '03 636 (Orange), Suzuki '05 GSX-R (Dark)

Welcome to the world of Moto Gymkhana Vol.2
Vol.1→http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFEh59GVMnQ Vol.3→http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sal4fZxfeX8

2011 10 9 Moto Gymkhana JAPAN Top of Ladys Momoco Tsukihara ZRX1200R

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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