2009 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 6.1L Hemi - MagnaFlow Exhaust Part #16509

Take off of a 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 6.1L Hemi with a MagnaFlow Exhaust Part #16509 Learn more: http://www.magnaflow.com/02product/displayapplications.asp?partnumber=16509

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Jay Leno's Challenger SRT8 with a Flowmaster American Thunder Catback Exhaust
I narrate this vid of Jay Leno's Challenger SRT8 muscle car with a 6.1L Hemi.

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Magnaflow Exhaust
if a Challenger is alone in the desert does it still make noise? (No animals were harmed in the making of this video closed course profesional driver) Mods, Magnaflow Competition Exhaust and Mopar CAI.

Before/After, 2015 R/T Dodge Challenger Exhaust
If you don't wanna hear me ramble on... 1:05 is the spot for the stock Exhaust sound, 2:30 shows off the new Borla mufflers installed. Changed out the stock mufflers and resonators for a pair of S-Type Borla mufflers, made a world of difference, and she purs great now. Figured the video would show it decently, and could help anyone who might be considering the same kind of upgrade. First upgrade I've made on my vehicle, hopefully more to come soon.

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs. 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt | Track Tested | Edmunds.com
The rebirth of the American muscle car is about a lot more than retro. It's about pride. It's about recalling a time when Americans looked down the road to the future with confidence, and they wanted a great big V8 engine to get them there as soon as possible. It's no wonder the 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt has our respect. It's the best version yet of the 2005 Ford Mustang, the car that set Detroit on fire again with enthusiasm for good old American muscle. Maybe the fuel-guzzling muscle car won't save Detroit from the challenge to build cars that people need, but it's surely restored the domestic car industry's confidence in its ability to do so. And it's shown that Americans can build cars that are utterly unlike anything you'll find in Stuttgart, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur or any of those other places that economists think they're so clever to know about. Now that the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 is here, Chrysler is cracking the seal on its own Mopar-branded can of muscle-car whoop-ass to show that it understands what's at stake in the muscle-car sweepstakes. The Bullitt and the Challenger are the two coolest cars in America, and it's only natural to bring them together. EDMUNDS VIDEO http://www.Edmunds.com is a car-shopping web site driven to make car buying easy. We post at least two videos every week covering the latest cars and trucks with comprehensive reviews, comparisons, and tips & advice from our expert team of automotive editors. Subscribe for the latest Edmunds.com videos: http://tinyurl.com/8dklalg Related Links: Edmunds Price Promise: http://www.edmunds.com/price-promise.html Edmunds Mobile: http://www.edmunds.com/mobile/ Follow Us Twitter: https://twitter.com/Edmunds Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edmunds Google+: https://plus.google.com/+edmunds/