700HP Nissan GTR R35 Downshift 1080p

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Nissan GTR w/ Mines Exhaust- Startup, Acceleration & Downshift
Sorry for not uploading anything recently, but enjoy this quick video of a noisy GTR in Richmond!

Driving behind a LOUD GT-R in Queens - Downshifts and Accelerations
Footage from this past Friday night of my friend and I driving behind a really good sounding GT-R in Queens, NYC. At the end you can see the Manhattan skyline as we're getting on the Queensboro Bridge. Enjoy the footage and sound of this sick GT-R!!

Procharged Camaro Vs Nissan GTR $2,600 Race
AOP Procharged 6th Gen Camaro vs 818 Racing 2017 Nissan GTR HTFU $2,600 up for grabs Canoga SpeedWay follow us instagram @818_1320 like our Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/818-1320-145944485543921/

700 HP AMS GT-R Launch...FAST!!!
Wish you could feel the ground vibrating in front of us...launch was exhilarating to watch...even better to drive...an extremely visceral driving experience...0-120mph happens almost instantaneously...this car is the most impressive piece of machinery ever built...next upgrade requires jet fuel!!!..this car might just be heading in that direction...add wings and this car might take flight...just a thought