Fiero clutch replacement time lapse

A time lapse video of my friend Aaron and I replacing the clutch and engine mounts in my 1986 Pontiac Fiero SE V6.

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Pontiac fiero gt clutch engine transmission removal
Changing clutch

Time lapse - Fiero clutch change
Cradle removal, clutch change

Pontiac Fiero: How to Remove a 2.8 V6 Engine step-by-step
I am re-posting my engine removal video due to YouTube giving me a hard time about the royalty free music used in it. I have since updated the intro and removed the music. I also added a timeline jump in the text below for your convenience. The original video has been marked as unlisted and can still be accessed if you have a link to the video. Otherwise please LIKE and Share this one and keep those Fiero's alive!! Below is the original text from the video. This is a video giving a visual step-by-step process on how to remove the 2.8 liter V6 engine from a Pontiac Fiero using basic tools. The only tools that you may need to rent, borrow or buy is an engine hoist and some 4 wheel moving dolly's. I've attempted to make this video as visual as possible so that anyone could see how to remove the engine using basic tools. This video can also be a useful guide when reinstalling the engine as is shows how things were disconnected. Most of the disassembly steps can be done in any order with the exception of a few parts. Here is a skip-ahead timeline if you’re looking for a specific step: Removing the Deck lid 1:40 Disconnect the Throttle cable and Cruise Control cable 3:30 Removing the hoses 5:45 Disconnecting the Automatic Transmission Shift Select Cable 8:54 Disconnecting the Fuel Lines 10:28 Disconnecting the transmission cooler lines 13:12 Disconnecting the A/C Lines 13:27 Removing the Lower Coolant Hoses 15:09 Removing the Braking System 15:51 Disconnecting Wiring Harnesses 18:29 Removing the Suspension 25:16 Removing the Engine Cradle Bolts 26:15 Lowering the Engine Out of the Car 31:01

Fiero Clutch
Marc Fisher initial remedy for clutch problem in a 1986 Fiero GT