MR2 Spyder with Toyota 2ZZ dry sump itb racing at Kyalami onboard video

Toyota MR2 with 2ZZ engine dry sump, individual throttle bodies, and well sorted handling. My fastest session with my MR2 at Kyalami with the BMW car club in March 2009. I abandoned the last lap when some cars held me up (it was the last lap of the session).

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Riyoz Racing Toyota MR-S / Spyder with 2zz-ge engine in Sepang Circuit ( SIC )
Shake down for new setup. Stock engine,

Mr2 Turbo vs. Mr2 Spyder | Comparison
Comparing a 1993 Toyota Mr2 turbo to a 2001 Toyota Mr2 Spyder. Finally got to make the sw20 vs. zzw30 video. I hope you enjoy it and sorry about the audio issues we were having. Share the Videos! Instagram: jakesmith881 johnnyhoang77 Music: Epidemic Sound

Toyota MR2 2zz-ge ITB by KingSoft
Funny acceleration :P