Supercharged V8 BMW

The old E34 5-series BMW is now powered by a supercharged 350 Chev V8 engine that gets the big Euro down the black top in 9-seconds. Car was built by A Grade Automatics

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BMW 340i
My 1989 BMW M60B40 V8 E30

Crazy Blown V8 Merc - DEBENZ
Guy's 1969 Mercedes 280S is one quick old school Mercedes. A supercharged small block 7L V8 is a bit of a giveaway but apart from that the car still resembles a factory body. APSA Pro Street Shootout Round 3, Sydney Dragway, Australia, May 18th 2013.

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BMW 535 turbo
BMW 535 turbo ( AlaniaMotorSport ) JOIN VSP GROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: