honda valkyrie 6 to 6 exhaust

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Honda Valkyrie 4 inch Truck Stack Exhaust Mod with silencers
Truck Stack mod with Horseapple Ranch Silencers installed!! I also posted video with the silencers removed!!

Honda F6 Valkyrie HARDKROME 6 into 6 Exhaust Pipes
Valkyrie Hard Krome 6x6 Exhaust. The only true double wall aftermarket ever made for the Valkyrie. Hasnt been made in many years, very rare and hard to find. They were chrome and I had them Ceramic coated. They are for sale but not cheap.

Honda Valkyrie with 6 into 6 pipes (Beautiful & Sounds Incredible)
Honda Valkyrie with 6 into 6 Exhaust. Amazing sounding bike! Sounds like no other bike out there.

Honda Valkyrie - Cobra exhaust sound without bafflers
Mufflers out of Exhaust sounds amazing! -