honda valkyrie 6 to 6 exhaust

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Black Pearl on dyno Honda Valkyrie
The Black Pearl, a 1999 Honda Valkyrie Interstate makes 101 horsepower on the Dynometer.

Honda Valkyrie - Cobra exhaust sound without bafflers
Mufflers out of Exhaust sounds amazing! -

InZane 4. The BEST Valkyrie

Honda Valkyrie with Cobra exhausts
The mic on my phone does not do justise to the sound from the Exhaust. I have this bike from new. If you look up Honda Valkyrie Wiki the bike on the right is mine with a photoshop job I done on it about 8 years ago. The things photoshopped are Screen and spots removed Paintjob Rear sissy bar and rear seat removed ( I have it that way now looks great ) Cobra 6 into 6 exchaust ( they are on it now) After nearly 15 years of ownership I still do not want any other bike. It goes fast It sounds better than any other bike It handles amazing. Especially after I put progressive shocks on the rear, new head bearings and replaced fork oil and seals and Avon tyres. And above all that it looks awesome!!!