honda valkyrie 6 to 6 exhaust

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Mark-T 5"x38" Exhaust
Tore`s Valkyrie with 5"x38" Organ Pipes from Horsapple Ranch. VRCC Norway

Honda Valkyrie 4 inch Truck Stack Exhaust Mod with silencers
Truck Stack mod with Horseapple Ranch Silencers installed!! I also posted video with the silencers removed!!

Daves Valkyrie
Daves Custom Valkyrie

Ride of the Valkyries 2004: Part 1
1000 Valkyrie March from Paducah KY to Metropolis IL. Watch as 100's of Valkyries roll pass on the ride of 2004. With background music and commentary by the videographer this is a video that is going to give any Valkyrie fan goose-bumples!