Mazda Rx7 4-rotor race car. The making of a Defined Autoworks Beast. [Offical Video]

Never before seen footage showing the assembly/start-up of our custom 4-rotor. It is the first 4-rotor since the 787b to use triple spark plugs per rotor. It is also the first since the 787 to feature telescoping intake manifold. Custom made slide throttle body system. A world first however is the use of a center main bearing and 4-piece eccentric shaft. Quick specs- 9.7:1 rotors, lightened and race clearanced. Race main bearings, and race rotor bearings, ceramic NRS 2mm apex seals. Custom stationary gears, Full custom Peripheral Port in each rotor housing (defined auto), Aluminum side housings for reduced weight. Needle roller bearing in the center housing. 4- Piece eccentric shaft 0:47 Dynamic engine balancing 1:23 Variable length intake 2:20 Engine assembly 2:32 Rotor rotation 3:49 Slide throttle 4:00 4-rotor startup and idle 4:30 All footage and editing was done by Defined Autoworks. Music by Ivan Torrent. Contact us at 614-592-7991 we build any type of rotary powerplant to the highest standards. See the build thread here-

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4 Rotor Rx7 Track Break-in. Limited 7k RPM. Defined Autoworks
The 4-rotor with some track time, breaking in the engine. Max RPM was only 7,200. 3rd and 4th gear to keep things conservative.

4 Rotor Mazda Rx7 Race Car Attacks Mid Ohio. Defined Autoworks. 1:33 lap. Low Power Setting
Defined Autoworks 4-rotor race car running Mid ohio during a open track day. Low Power Setting for ST1/TT1 class rules (420 rear wheel horsepower) 1:33 seconds club course lap.

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What it's like owning and driving a 4 rotor Mazda Rx7
After Building one of the first 4 rotors in the united states 4 years ago, it was time to make a video about driving it! This truly one of a kind Rx7 made to be fast on the racetrack, is so much fun to drive. We hope you will enjoy watching too!