2010 Challenger r/t vs. 2011 mustang gt 5.0 and 2002 Mustang Gt

Video is being taken from the Challenger r/t

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2011 Dodge Challenger r/t vs Modded 2004 Mustang GT
Bone stock 2011 Automatic Dodge Challenger R/T with aftermarket 22" rims vs (Phillip) 2004 Mustang GT. with full Exhaust, x pipe,no cats,Dyno tuned on 93 octane,Edelbrock Victor Jr intake manifold, 90mm TB, custom CIA, 25lb injectors, 170 thermostat, 411 gears with moser axles,short throw, Nx wet kit, stage 3 clutch, upper/lower control arms, custom radiator, rear seat delete, rear carpet delete, spare tire delete, spoiler delete, light-wieght aftermarket cobra r hood, 15x10 billet specialties with slicks on rear, skinnys up front, and much more...this race was a 20 roll. Challenger had 1 passenger Mustang had 0. same results with 40mph roll

Challenger R/T vs 04 Mustang GT (First showdown)
Challenger rt vs Mustang gt Race 1

Challenger R/T vs 03 Cobra
Stock 09 R/T w/ JBA Exhaust messing around with a friends Pullied 03 Cobra. The challenger does suprisingly well out of the hole, but it's obvious it doesn't make the power it needs.

2011 Mustang coyote vs challenger RT 2 Runs
Mustang mods: intake headers Exhaust gears and tuned Challenger mods: intake Exhaust