Buick LaCrosse - Inspiration of Design

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BMW Car Design Process
Inspiration and a clear vision are the starting points for creative tasks. It's on a blank sheet of paper that they first acquire form, solely through a pen and the hand that guides it. The sketch is the most emotional form of an idea. This is why the designers first work out their ideas exclusively with a pen and paper. The concern here is not feasibility. Instead, the sketch is intended to bring life to the character of the model, which then remains the guiding image throughout the design process.

Ford Design - Beyond the Car
Ford is the first auto manufacturer to exhibit within the Salone del Mobile exhibition. These are the 3 products it will be showcasing at the exhibition.

Students Draw Design Inspiration from Cars at Imagine 2008
Student fashion designers from the International Academy of Design & Technology showcased their designs at this year's Imagine 2008. Students were challenged to take inspiration from a choice of five cars, and design for a specific category such as Career, Sportswear, Eveningwear and Avant-garde.

Behind-the-Scenes: Designing the Lexus LF-LC Concept Car
R&T sat down with the team behind the Lexus LF-LC Concept for an exclusive in-depth interview at Calty Design Research, Inc. Get more Lexus LF-LC Concept photos and news here: http://bit.ly/AkRc3o