2004 Mustang SVT Cobra with Procharger F1-A supercharger take II

My 2004 Mustang SVT Cobra with Procharger F1-A Supercharger. Just a quick video of the procharger in action. It is extremely loud, the video does not do it justice...

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901 HP F1A Procharged E85 Powered 2003 Svt Cobra ~ aka Kornfed ~
After upgrading the headers, mid pipe and cat back to 1 7/8's and 3 inch all the way back along with bigger fuel pumps, the car made 901 hp and 724 tq. Last Dyno visit the car made 837hp and 650 tq. The larger diameter Exhaust proved that there was a lot of restriction on the previous setup. Before I was using the 1 5/8's headers and 2.5 midpipe and catback. 901 hp was made at 6200 rpms this time and the redline is 7200 rpm. There is still another 1000 rpm left on the table as the timing was low as well. As you see on the graph, the power really comes on the higher the rpm goes. Once we can make a full pull to 7200, I think it will be near the 950 mark. As of now there is either issue with the pump amperage, the injectors and or regulator needing upgrading. Will head back winter of 2014 and see what it does. The car sounds nd performs like a beast, thanks to Bob Kurgan for the tuning and Chadbee photography for the pictures. Enjoy the video!

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Brandons F1A Cog / Race Procharged Cobra
Excessive Motorsports Procharged F1A Race/Cog Procharged Cobra Owned By Brandon Sword