I dream of Datsun, my 1970 SR20 510 2dr

A quick video of my new car

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Daniel Wu's '72 Datsun 510 aka Tantō - Equally as dangerous, quick and BADASS
A look into Actor Daniel Wu from AMC's "Into The Badlands" Star 1972 Datsun 510 aka Tantō. Built by Troy Ermish and BayDM The Tantō is is the short sword of the Katana - Equally as dangerous, Equally as quick, Equally as BADASS! Just like Datsun 510 on the race-track! Owner: Daniel Wu Built by: Troy Ermish and BayDM Filmed/Directed by: R.Gadi Media Produced by DPAN GT at DPANGT.com Music by: https://soundcloud.com/annexxxxxx

Datsun 1600 FJ20turbo GrassRoots Garage

Sounds of a Sleeper - Supercharged V6 Datsun 510
This 71 Datsun 510 has been highly modified for hillclimbs and autox competitions, and is very similar in appearance to the 510 recently featured on Jay Leno's garage. The 3.3L VG is a V6 pulled from a Nissan Pathfinder, and has been raised to well above 400 horsepower made possible by the Vortech Supercharger. This is the first known setup and installation into a Datsun 510, and has been proven over years of racing. The 2in Exhaust front-to-back gives it a great sound, and is one of the few clues into this sleeper since there is no Intercooler. The Subaru limited slip differential helps keep it in line up when peeling out into 4th gear. Enjoy the sound!

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