WATCH IT: How To Spot a Fake Cop

WATCH IT: How To Spot a Fake Cop

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Police: Fake cop tries to pull over driver in Moore
Moore police say Stuart Schall, 43, tried to pull over a man in early March using red and blue flashing lights placed in his pickup in the area of Southeast Fourth Street and South Tower Drive.

Secret Service and NYPD Unmarked Police Vehicles
New York Police Department (NYPD) and United States Secret Service (USSS) vehicles in the vicinity of Ground Zero during the presidential visit of Barack Hussein Obama to celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden. Forward flashing blue lights distinguish the USSS vehicles from the NYPD vehicles which only use red and white forward flashing lights. However, some federal law enforcement vehicles in NYC, including USSS vehicles, run with forward-facing red lights only. Manhattan, New York, New York, USA. 05.2011

Decoy police car teardown and tow away...ONE guy!
PatrolSmart™ Unmanned Security Vehicle moved away by one guy. This is a new kind of "decoy" vehicle that has no engine and runs on sunlight. It is light enough for one person to move around. This unit shown has a solar powered light bar for construction zone work. Visit to learn more!

Train Horn Switch Panel Testing
Here's a short video showing how the HB4H horns are wired.... I wanted to be able to operate the train horn from the stock horn button... In the case of a panic situation, I didn't want to have to reach for an accessory button, so I wired upa few relays and a couple of aircraft switches that allow me to toggle back and forth between the stock and train horns or just blow them both at the same time.... 98 SNAKE EATER Produkshuns cameraman/editor/hornblaster: 98 SNAKE EATER