Dodge Tomahawk is a Viper V-10 based motorcycle, a 500 horsepower engine with four wheels. Priced at $555,000 each.

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Dodge Tomahawk vs Dodge Viper
The 400mph speeds motorcycle vs the Dodge Viper. Can you guess who is the winner? The Dodge Tomahawk! Subscribe for more videos!

Dodge Tomahawk Test Ride
This was a Dodge Tomahawk test ride. The motorcycle top speed is about 400MPH. It has a Dodge Viper engine. So it has about 500 Hp. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!! Subscribe for more videos!

Dodge Tomahawk
640 km/h

มาดูรถมอเตอร์ไซค์ที่แรงที่สุดในโลกกัน Dodge Tomahawk 8000 CC.
Dodge Tomahawk 8000 CC. จะสวยแค่ไหนไปดูกัน