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HYDROFOIL: World speed record set, Ray Vellinga video

Ray Vellinga edited: world speed record is set for hydrofoils powered by 2 men. Super Phoenix goes 21.49 mph on Lake Hamana, Shinoka, Japan, August 27, 2000. Kotaro Horiuchi influenced the designs


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Here's a few good runs of a Calvin College engineering project - a human-powered hydrofoil.

HYDROFOIL -- BREAKTHROUGH -- The video demonstrates the patented roll control system and the exciting prototype during its demonstration flights in Sweden.

For Ray's book, CLICK THE FOLLOWING: http://www.amazon.com/Hydrofoils-Design-Build-Vellinga-Ray/dp/0982236115/re f=... The Video: Unbelievably huge Navy ships on wings of steel fly faster and smoother. The history of hydrofoils is included. This is 10 minutes of serious hydrofoil flying.

Russian Hydrofoil Passing By

Sailing at 126 mph - Greenbird
http://yachtpals.com - A British man, Richard Jenkins, has broken the world land speed record on the wind powered vehicle Ecotricity Greenbird, reaching the amazing speed of 126.1 mph, becoming the fastest person and vehicle of any kind under sail. Read the full article about Greenbird here: http://yachtpals.com/sailing-record-4121

Dragonfly Hydrofoil Launch and Flight
Launch & flight of personal hydrofoil

HYDROFOIL -- UNBELIEVABLE!! Human Powered Flying Boat. Ray Vellinga video
Astounding Human powered hydrofoil boats fly on tiny submerged airplane wings. A strong rider can remain flying for up to 40 minutes.

Aquaskipper Hydrofoil Human Powered Watercraft | GadgetsAndGear.com
http://www.gadgetsandgear.com/aquaskipper.html The AquaSkipper's patented design, hydrofoil wings and fiberglass spring let you fly across the water by hopping up and down. The secret to your awesome power? Hydrofoil wings have very little drag in the water. Plus, the aircraft aluminum frame weighs a mere 26 pounds. So take on the surf. Try new tricks. Race your friends. And turn heads everywhere you ride.

"RIDON" Hoverbike 3D Animation
Ridon hoverbike 3D Animation With music: http://vimeo.com/25266506 With music non US/Canada: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3-uglu2sM4 Animation: Ivan Tantsiura | iVANGRAPHICS

Steve Ball crashes his low power, high speed hydrofoil. The problem is analysed and solutions are proposed.

USS Independence (Littoral Combat Ship) LCS-2
One of the US Navy's new Littoral Combat Ships, the USS Independence LCS-2. Stealthy, trimaran, x-boat....nice! It has a twin too. If you don't like the music, scroll down through the comments for an explanation.

Hydroptere - Fastest Sailboat in the World
http://yachtpals.com/hydroptere-4036 Hydroptere, the fastest sailboat in the world!!! L'Hydroptere hydrofoil flying trimaran sailboat sailing at speeds of up to 61 knots before high speed capsize. Read about Hydroptere, and the other Fastest Sailboats in the World, at YachtPals.com http://yachtpals.com/taxonomy/term/2056 More original sailing news and sailing photos of L'Hydroptère here: http://yachtpals.com/taxonomy/term/2532

HYDROFOIL -- Motorcycle flies over water. Ray Vellinga video
For Ray's book, CLICK THE FOLLOWING: http://www.amazon.com/Hydrofoils-Design-Build-Vellinga-Ray/dp/0982236115/re f=... The Video:A motorcycle that flies. Underwater hydrofoil wings turns this motocrosser into a wet aviator. It is actually the once popular Dynafoil.

Hydrofoil, The MOST GIGANTIC. Rare, previously lost footage!
The AGEH-1 Plainview is the largest/longest hydrofoil ever built. This is the shorter, 5 minute video, and yes, there is a longer video posted on Youtube by Ray: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySXPv_7FoZs It was made from long lost 16mm film discovered in a Boeing Dempsey Dumpster. For Ray's 253 page book about hydrofoils, CLICK THE FOLLOWING: http://www.amazon.com/Hydrofoils-Design-Build-Vellinga-Ray/dp/0982236115/re f=... About the Video: AGEH-1 is an unbelievably huge Navy vessel that flies on underwater wings of steel. It is faster and smoother than traditional ships. This is 5 minutes of serious military hydrofoil flying. The source footage is believed to have been created by U.S. Navy and professional photographers.

HYDROFOIL and theThe DEVIL !!! a Ray Vellinga video
For Ray's book, CLICK THE FOLLOWING: http://www.amazon.com/Hydrofoils-Design-Build-Vellinga-Ray/dp/0982236115/re f=... The Video: Dwight's new hydrofoil will not fly until the Devil tells him to "Strap it onto a truck, and then it will fly, Ha Ha Ha". Actually, some serious testing goes on, but that doesn't mean that the guys can't have some fun.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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