HYDROFOIL: World speed record set, Ray Vellinga video

Ray Vellinga edited: world speed record is set for hydrofoils powered by 2 men. Super Phoenix goes 21.49 mph on Lake Hamana, Shinoka, Japan, August 27, 2000. Kotaro Horiuchi influenced the designs

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Attempting To Break World Record in Human-Powered Boat | Speed With Guy Martin
Guy attempts to beat the speed record for a human-powered boat, with help from Olympic legends Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Ben Ainslie. Watch the full episode on All 4: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/speed-with-guy-martin

Evolo movie
Evolo is a demonstrator vehicle invented, designed and built by 15 masters students studying Naval architecture and Lightweight structures at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. Evolo is an electrically propelled hydrofoil water-toy. It is totally silent, environmentally friendly and extremely fun to ride due to its fast and inherently unstable nature. Stearing is done by a combination of weight shifting and thrust control. Evolo is experimental and not on the market yet. More material is available at http://flygmac7.flyg.kth.se/cdio

Présentation Kayak Transparent Réunion
Présentation du ' molokini ' kayak entièrement transparent,

Which of these 7 incredible wheel designs do you think is the best? Are these the future of wheels? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below! 7 INCREDIBLE WHEEL DESIGNS YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE #1 https://youtu.be/bZ8nH8RdMYA POPULAR MINDS EYE DESIGN PLAYLISTS 💥 AMAZING FUTURISTIC VEHICLES That Could Change How We Travel https://goo.gl/re7Une NEW OUTDOOR GADGETS & Equipment YOU WILL LOVE https://goo.gl/8cOLcn AWESOME SCOOTERS, MOTORBIKES and E BIKES That Could Change How You Travel https://goo.gl/LGmZ5V FEATURED WHEEL DESIGNS⭐ 7. Soft Wheels When Israeli farmer Gilad Wolf broke his pelvis in 2008, he resolved not to lets his crops wither and die. He then became determined to turn his wheelchair into a workhorse. After suffering the pain that came from traversing the bumpy rows of his field in a stock chair he began developing new designs better suited to off-road applications. 6. Morph Wheels Though compact folding bikes have been around since the late 1800s, the large wheel was the one component that designers couldn’t quite figure out how to collapse down to size. Solving this very dilemma was what Duncan Fitzsimons had in mind initially when he began experimenting with early prototypes for a wheel that could be folded down just as easily. Along the way, the London-based industrial designer came to the realization that the need for space-saving parts was perhaps even greater among disabled people, since they would often rely on both wheelchairs and mass transportation to get around. 5. Hub-less wheel (Sadabike) Sleek and minimalist, the hub-free wheel has a kind of gloriously futuristic quality that seems to really speak to designers and sci-fi aficionados alike. Functionally, though, the design offers relatively few advantages. Italian designer Gianluca Sada, however, has a more practical rationale for going with the hollowed approach. His foldable Sadabike prototype was conceived in a manner as to allow the wheels to be removed and slipped into slots located along the lining of a custom-made elastic bag. The frame can then be folded down to the size of an umbrella and stored inside the bag. 4. Wheels of Steel For a bolder take on a maintenance-free wheel, check out the WOW Bike. Not only does the eccentric creation do away with pneumatic air pressure, it doesn’t need a tire either. What you have instead is an all-metal wheel made of cleverly meshed sprung steel. To construct the wheel, designer Ron Arad bent individual strips of steel according to a strategic pattern and pinned them together at certain tension points. This allows the steel to form curves that cushion one another and provide proper ride support. They’re also built larger than conventional wheels to compensate for the material’s high degree of flexibility. 3. Michelin Tweel The creation of an “airless tire” has become something of a holy grail in the tire business. Leading the way is the well-publicized Michelin “Tweel,” a rubber tread tire that’s reinforced by a hub system comprised of an outer rim and a series of bendable polyurethane spokes. Like pneumatic systems, the unique structure is designed to support the weight of the vehicle while also being flexible enough to absorb shock. Other similar prototypes include Bridgestone’s airless tyre, a honeycomb spoke design, developed by Wisconsin-based Resilient Technologies, and an all-polyurethane version called the i-Flex. 2. Lunartic_Hubless Wheel Prototype Big wheeled bikes are very stable, due to the gyroscopic effect of the large wheel. But small wheeled bikes take up less space and are very manoeuvrable. The Lunartic is a bike design submitted for a Dyson Award that tries to combine the benefits of both. The hubless wheel is driven by a toothed track inside the wheel. Given that the spokes of a conventional wheel are an incredibly light and sophisticated way of holding a wheel's shape and giving it strength, one wonders what one gains by eliminating them. Perhaps having all of the greater weight of the hubless wheel on the outside increased the gyroscopic effect and adds to the stability. Or maybe it just looks really cool. 1. Roadless Project At its most basic form, wheels are particularly well-suited for traveling along flat, even surfaces. And though such ideal conditions hardly exist in the real world, city-dwellers can typically get by on paved roads with a standard set of tires. Royalty Free Music 🎧 Karma Code by Traveler & Sinjun https://soundcloud.com/travelermusic MINDS EYE DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA ✅ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+mindseyedesign YouTube https://youtube.com/mindseyedesign Related 5 INCREDIBLE TIRE DESIGN INNOVATIONS & THE EVOLUTION OF TIRES https://youtu.be/MekJNDayVWE 5 INCREDIBLE TIRE DESIGN INNOVATIONS & THE EVOLUTION OF TIRES #2 https://youtu.be/PFqIpBTRRBQ 7 INCREDIBLE WHEEL DESIGNS YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE #2