HYDROFOIL: World speed record set, Ray Vellinga video

Ray Vellinga edited: world speed record is set for hydrofoils powered by 2 men. Super Phoenix goes 21.49 mph on Lake Hamana, Shinoka, Japan, August 27, 2000. Kotaro Horiuchi influenced the designs

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Cavitation on hydrofoil
See also this video for a ship propeller cavitation experiment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUjxudQX9Wg Experiment carried out at the Cavitation Laboratory at Marintek, Trondheim, Norway. Link to similar experiment done in the same tunnel with a propeller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUjxudQX9Wg A model hydrofoil is submerged into the closed-loop cavitation tunnel, and exposed to moving water to produce cavitation. The water is moved by a ~2m diameter impeller powered by a 1.2 MW electric motor. The cavitation tunnel has a max speed of 18 m/s. In this experiment, the water is accelerated from 0 m/s to 8 m/s. It is pumped through a flow laminator and a nozzle to produce the top speed of 8 m/s (15.6 knots). Towards the end of the clip, tunnel pressure is reduced to 23 kPa to produce extreme cavitation. The foil is mounted with 6 degree pitch, and has a projected area of 0.1208 m^2. The foil produced lift force of 2208 N and drag 147 N with a tunnel pressure of 83 kPa (7.8 m/s) and slight cavitation. Lift was reduced to 2182 N and drag increased to 177 N when the pressure was reduced to 23 kPa. Same fluid speed.

Présentation Kayak Transparent Réunion
Présentation du ' molokini ' kayak entièrement transparent,

HYDROFOIL -- BREAKTHROUGH -- The video demonstrates the patented roll control system and the exciting prototype during its demonstration flights in Sweden.

Thrilling hydrofoil adventure video. Harry Larsen has a new electronic height control system for the front foil of Talaria IV and he and Ray do dangerous experimental runs. For Ray's book, CLICK THE FOLLOWING: http://www.amazon.com/Hydrofoils-Design-Build-Vellinga-Ray/dp/0982236115/re f=... for Ray's book.