HYDROFOIL: World speed record set, Ray Vellinga video

Ray Vellinga edited: world speed record is set for hydrofoils powered by 2 men. Super Phoenix goes 21.49 mph on Lake Hamana, Shinoka, Japan, August 27, 2000. Kotaro Horiuchi influenced the designs

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Evolo movie
Evolo is a demonstrator vehicle invented, designed and built by 15 masters students studying Naval architecture and Lightweight structures at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. Evolo is an electrically propelled hydrofoil water-toy. It is totally silent, environmentally friendly and extremely fun to ride due to its fast and inherently unstable nature. Stearing is done by a combination of weight shifting and thrust control. Evolo is experimental and not on the market yet. More material is available at http://flygmac7.flyg.kth.se/cdio

simply outrageous
JBS turbine 200 mph race boat in Miami. YES, the video is meant to be outrageous, fun and a bit camp. If you can't have a laugh while you work or play, then what's the point. I specialize in making videos that get an audience... haters welcome, they make me smile every day. Check out how we make a living traveling the world making crazy videos at http://offthegridadventures.blogspot.com

HYDROFOILS -- Praying Mantis Battles Electro-Cat
Epic duel of hydrofoils with fun along the way. Action shots on location at El Capitan reservoir, near San Diego, California. Steve Ball and Dwight Filley are the pilots and creators of these original light weight hydrofoils. One is gas powered, the other Electric. They compete for style and grace with some surprises in their wake.

Hydrofoil Speed record
47 knots! It's flying, not floating!! You liked the video? http://www.hydroptere.com/ Or Subscribe like I did to the podcast: Sailingnews.tv !