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How to Correctly Install an Aftermarket Car Stereo, Wiring Harness and Dash Kit
Learn how to install an aftermarket car stereo on your own! We take you through the steps of wiring a Clarion NX404 Double DIN navigation system. First we walk you through the steps of preparing the Metra wire harness and the connections to the Clarion Double DIN radio. In the second step, we take you through the process of mounting the radio to the Metra Dash kit and preparing to install the radio in the vehicle. If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask us below. Order Installation Parts Here: _source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=Aftermarket_Stereo-Installati on Order a Car Stereo Here: ml?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=Aftermarket_Stereo-Inst allation Subscribe to our channel: Social links: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

How To Install a Back-up Camera | Sonic Electronix
See Backup cameras on our site! Adding a back-up camera system can be easy installed on any vehicle that has a headunit or monitor with an RCA video input, and the installation process is easy enough to be a weekend DIY project if you have the proper tools. There are several different types of back-up cameras to choose from like license plate frame cameras, flush mount, and tail gate handle cameras for trucks, just to name a few. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Sonic Electronix always strives to be the premiere online shopping destination for car electronics and other consumer electronics. Our slogan is "The X-Factor When Shopping for Electronics" and it is our goal to be just that. We're here to help you find solutions and great prices without sacrificing service. Our Store: Our Facebook: Our Twitter: Our Instagram:

Entrevista con el Pera
Hoy en Flashmotor entrevistamos a Juan Carlos Delgado, mas conocido como el Pera. Ha sido Campeón de España de la Fórmula Renault, es piloto en activo y piloto probador para varias marcas. Ha sido conductor especialista en las películas Volando voy, de Miguel Albadalejo; Gitano, de Manuel Palacios; Yo soy la Juani, de Bigas Luna; El ultimátum de Bourne, con Matt Damon, y de numerosas series de TV y spots de publicidad”. Periodista deportivo e instructor de la Policía y la Guardia Civil en conducción de evasión, Especialista de conducción para escenas de cine y televisión y director de la escuela de conducción que lleva su nombre. De él se ha publicado un libro y se ha rodado una película sobre su vida titulada 'volando voy'. Por sus manos pasan los últimos modelos y prototipos automovilísticos

Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 | Career Mode #1
Whats going on Ladies & Gentlemen! G4 is playing Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 for the first time! Not going to good, I'm not a mechnic so it will take some time before I'll get it hah! Stay tuned! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- ► Xbox Live Gamertags: GL4SSB1L3NH & LMR Agera ► War Thunder Gamertags: SirShitALot & LMR_Agera ►Subscribe here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Extra tags Extra Ignore: Extra Tags, Extra Ignore: Car Mechanic Simulator 2014, mechanic, simulator, 2014, car, commentary, live commentary, live, snowball, blue, white, vlog, unbox, Blue Snowball white microphone, unboxing a blue snowball, preview, FORZA 4,forza 4 drifting,forza 4 drift,forza 4 drifting montage,forza 4 montage,forza 4 tandem,forza 4 tandem montage, awesome gameplay hard working team squad glassbilen sirblackhawk 15 reckless potatoes crasy comeback best beast a objective m16 usa russia terrorist first person shooter best game of the week forza 4 racing onboard cam radical xplr tora lmr community channel lobby online race drifting drift close crasy headshot killstreak bf3 battlefield 3 forza horizon forza 4 forza 3 forza 2 forza 1 need for speed fast and the funny nurburing racing at its best roxio game capture card hd pro lg tv jumps and stunts handcontrol racing wheel steering wheel xbox 360 elite slim and other werd stuff commentary talking review google youtube fan subscribe like and favorite race victory sweden victorius online gameplay radical tokyo drift drift kings montage slide smoke stcc btcc dtm formula drift d1 drift1 rallycross lmp1 lmp2 gt gte rallycross lmr agera xplr lmr s2m bg, Forza 4, Forza motorsport 4, Forza 4 drift, Forza Drift, Forza Unicorn Car, Forza Unicorn, Unicorn, Forza 4 Unicorn Drift, Unicorn Drift, Forza drifting Montage, Drift Montage, Montage, Drift, Forza 4 Montage, Forza Top Secret Supra, Forza Toyota Supra, Montage, Drifting, Forza 4 Drifting Montage #3, Forza 4, Drifting Montage #2, Forza 4 Drifting montage #1, Forza 4 Tandem Drifting, Tandem, Drifting Tandem, Sideways, in, corners, "forza motorsport 4 gameplay" forza 4 gameplay" "forza motorsport drifting" "drifting in forza 4" "japan drift" "forza motorsport 4 "forza horizon drifting montage" "forza motorsport 4 drift montage" "forza motorsport 4 drifting montage" "forza 4 drift montage" "forza horizon drift montage" "forza horizon drift locations" "forza horizon drift spots" "drift spots" "forza 4 drifting tutorial" "forza 4 team apex" "forza motorsport 4 team" "forza 4 drift team" "forza motorsport 4 drift team" "forza 4 how to tune a drift car" "forza motorsport 4 how to tune a drift car" "forza motorsport 4 build it drift it kill it" "forza 4 speed painting" "forza 4 speed paint" "dubstep drops" "drifting montage", drink and drive, hump the wall, top secret s15, forza4 drift montages, recklesspotatoes drifting, channel, watch, like, comment, subscribe if you read this (L), Forza 4 Nissan Skyline, Nissan Silvia s15 drift montage, tokyo drift montage, forza 4 f4f, fnf, forza tokyo, forza tokyo drift, forza 4 challenges, forza 4 FORZA 4 Drifting & Tandem Montage #3, Forza 4 japan cars drift, modded rims, modded cars, modded bumpers, forza 4 hump the wall *webcam*, Forza 4 TCR Vintage Trans Am Series Race 5 Heat 1 Commentary, Forza 4 TCR Vintage Trans Am Series Race, Hummer Tokyo drift attempt, Forza 4 fast, Forza 4 fast around mugello, Forza 4 BMW M5 w/ Spacers & Stanced Drift, Forza 4 Silvia S15 DRIFT! forza 4 silvia s15 drift montage, forza 4 nissan skyline r33, forza 4 r33 drift montage, skyline, War Thunder - P 400 BADASS GAMEPLAY W/ COMMENTARY, Forza 4 Drift Build - Toyota Supra Forza 4, drift build on forza, drift build, montage, drifting, toyota supra, Rfactor Drifting Montage #1, Forza 4 Nissan S13 EPIC DRIFT MONTAGE,