Beating of African-American Motorist by N.J. State Police

Brutal beating of African-American motorist (Aundrey Green) after minor motor vehicle arrest by officers of the New Jersey State Police. Lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court for the Judicial District of N.J. (Camden, NJ) On March 12, 2008, jury finds defendant not liable, and finds no excessive force by officers. Mr. Green was represented by civil rights and criminal defense attorney, Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., of Elizabeth, NJ

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Hunterdon County, NJ State Police, Civil Rights Violation
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NJ State Police, Pulled Me Over, You'll Never Guess What Happened Next!
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Eric Larsen of the Mahwah, NJ PD Conducts an Illegal Traffic Stop+ Threatens to Pepper Spray Dogs
Policeman Eric Larsen of the Mahwah Police conducts an illegal traffic stop in January 2013. He claimed that the license plate was dirty and that it is illegal to transport unrestrained dogs in New Jersey. There is no such law on the books and, quite obviously, my license plate is clearly visible. All summonses were dismissed on 6-20-13, due to the fact that ERIC LARSEN IS A LIAR WHO ABUSES HIS AUTHORITY AS A PUBLIC SERVANT BY VIOLATING THE CIVIL RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE IS SUPPOSED TO SERVE. Come on, scumbag, sue me for libel.

Lt. John Yanchyshyn NJSP