Beating of African-American Motorist by N.J. State Police

Brutal beating of African-American motorist (Aundrey Green) after minor motor vehicle arrest by officers of the New Jersey State Police. Lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court for the Judicial District of N.J. (Camden, NJ) On March 12, 2008, jury finds defendant not liable, and finds no excessive force by officers. Mr. Green was represented by civil rights and criminal defense attorney, Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., of Elizabeth, NJ

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Police Dash Cam - Cops Gone Wild
Sorry about the sound, For live audio click on The link below! Cops open fire on a minivan with kids as young a six over a speeding citation dispute. Paid Sponsorships for your channel: .

Getting Pulled Over By NJ State Police
Hi I'm Matt Manduke, and this is my story, being told the only way I can tell it, from my perspective. I am thoroughly entertained by my life, so much so that I want to share it with YOU.

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Homeless Man And Former Crip Gang Leader, Saves Dallas Police Officer from Attack
Deadly Miami Police Shootout, 6 officers Hurt, 2 Suspects Killed Police Dog Attack Video Shows North Carolina Cop Shove Dog In Suspect's Car (GRAPHIC) Deadly Oregon Highway Shootout Ends With Death Of Gunman John Van Allen A former Crip gang leader is being heralded as a hero after body-slamming a man allegedly high on PCP who was set to attack a Dallas police officer. "I think he's a hero," bystander Wendy Poole, who claims she was also attacked during the debacle, told CBS 11 News in Dallas. The moment was caught on video obtained exclusively by CBS 11 News and shows Officer Billy Taylor backing up in the middle of the street as the suspect threateningly walks toward him. That's when Charles "Chucky" Alexander, 45, who was watching from outside of a nearby homeless shelter, decided to take action. "I knew there was something I had to do," Alexander told the news outlet. "The officer had his baton out but it wasn't doing any good. I mean, this guy was really PC'd out." "He really went ballistic; he was going after anyone who went in front of him," Alexander added. Footage shows Alexander run up, pull the suspect off Taylor and then use the force of his body to send the attacker reeling to the ground, just as two squad cars pull up. The Dallas Police Department declined to comment. Taylor reportedly is on medical leave, recovering from dislocated fingers and other injuries. Alexander told CBS 11 the officer made sure to thank him before leaving the scene. Dallas City Council Member Dwaine Caraway told The Huffington Post that the city plans to recognize Alexander for his actions. "You know, you have people that step in to stop situations and sometimes it makes a difference. It's heroic, it's courageous, it's helped save folks lives," Caraway said in a phone interview. Alexander, a reformed gang member, does not have a home but works day jobs around town. Caraway believes Alexander is a prime example of how people can change. "What could come out of this, [what] could signal messages to Crips and gang leaders, is that doing good things are better than doing bad things," he said. "If we had more folks like [Alexander], who had that change of heart, how much better would our country would be?" Carraway added.