Camaro spinout! Camaro race car spins out at Waterford Raceway

My Facebook Page - Blog - Chris Ashworth records a Camaro race car spinning out at Waterford Raceway. This was a race with Camaros, Firebirds, and Corvettes, among others. On the victory lap, the flag crew plays a joke on the driver.

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1600hp TT Lambo Spinout at 100MPH!
From Shift s3ctor -The OB Prestige Auto TT Heffner Lambo is quite the beast, and an eye catcher with it's red chrome wrapped body. With unknown power numbers, this car kept up with the 1600-1800hp Lambos at Texas Invitatioanal. Last weekend at the Shift Sector 1/2 mile race the car broke traction and slid off course at over 100MPH, not something you see every day! More Shift S3ctor videos -

Vulcan "Big V" Mclellan goes 7.86 at 180 in the twin turbo camaro at Woodburn!
Vulcan "Big V" Mclellan goes 7.86 at 180 in the twin turbo Camaro.

Race Car Crash into Spinout | Racing Near Miss
When one of these racers spins out of control and can't be onto the track, other racers come around the corner and nearly hit the car! Start your V-8 engines and get ready to see some cool car videos. From insane car drifting to some pretty cool mods to sports cars, RedLiners will keep your engines roaring and your adrenaline pumping. While these hot rods include Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Jaguars, they also include some epic car fails! To license any of the clips in this video contact

1978 Camaro race car
Homemade dirt track Car NOR CAL