Sing Sing Pittsburgh 7-25-09 Piano Man / Gangsta's Paradise

Matt and the boys at Sing Sing have a really cool version of Billy Joel's Piano Man sung to the music of Coolio's Gangsta Paradise.

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"Sing Sing Pittsburgh" performs (The Glee Version) "Don't Stop Believing"
Karl, Matt, and Drew add Danielle, Autumn, and Kaitlin in their performance of "Don't Stop Believing" (The Glee Version)

Mel's 21st birthday at Sing Sing Pittsburgh
My sister-in-law's 21st birthday at Sing Sing Pittsburgh. We were able to get her to go up on stage, and the result was hilarious!

Gangsta Piano Man @ Sing Sing Pittsburgh
Matt and the boys from Sing Sing Pittsburgh perform a combination of Gangsta Paradise and Piano Man.

Karl & Matt-Kung Fu Fighting.MP4
Karl Bailey and Matt Alterio playing their version of KUNG FU FIGHTING on the piano, at the best bar in the world.... SING SING Pittsburgh.