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VW 1776 super mouse
Vw 1776 engine build White Rhino case Mahle 90.5 Cb tool steel wrist pins 4140 forged counter balanced 69mm crank H beam race rods apr fasteners Panchito 044 heads with dual high rev springs and port matched intake manifolds Udo Becker tool steel lifters SVDA distributor weber 40 IDF A1 custom Stainless Steel Sidewinder Exhaust with dual stock location outlets ( Pea Shooters ) Zalex Run Box

200 HP VW Bug!!
Dyno Session in So-Cal held the day before Bugorama 2009.

Denzel 1300S vs VW Okrasa TSV 1300

Our 72 vw with new 1835 engine
My wife taking a test drive after new engine install (1835cc) 2barrel weber and gt style Exhaust. Someday she'll take off in 1st instead of 3rd. She can drive a standard transmission car very good, really