Motocross track build 1. srry for the bad camera..and the sound

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Dirtbike Jump building and Testing with GoPro
quick look at one of our jumps being built and tested

backyard motocross track
UPDATED VIDEO OF TRACK HERE!: the new video is definitely better to watch than this one, he's also a good bit faster than me lol

MX Track Builders
A look inside the action packed process of constructing a professional supercross facility. MX Track Builders is a leading motocross, supercross, and arenacross track design and construction company. For more information visit us online at and be sure to like our Facebook page!

Building our track for your MOTOCROSS HOLIDAY in Thailand, Phuket
Check out how we turned a jungle hill side into a motocross track, in the jungle, at the foot og the Big Buddha mountain. We had to move some big stones and some small banana trees, but most of the track features are shaped by modifying the existing structures of the hill. Now anyone can experience a piece of the Phuket jungle on two wheels!