BMW K1200R Sport 2006

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ATC 9K on BMW K1200R Sport
Test ATC 9K

2007 BMW K1200r Sport for sale.
2007 BMW K1200R Sport. Considering it was 41 degrees outside, you can hear the it started right up. You can see the tires are in excellent condition the clear turn signals, the plug for the heated suit, the trip computer, and the blinking brake light is for the ABS, which goes away after the bike moves forward. The bike has 1866 miles on it. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

お洒落なBMW乗り、 BMW K1200R SPORTとBMW K1200R  いつもの感じで珈琲ブレイク、 また来てね、

BMW K1200R
知り合いがK1200Rの中古を買ったとの事なので乗って来た 。2007年車走行距離3000kmだそうです。BMW K1200R 撮影2010/6/20 DSC-HX5V Canon HF-10