Bisimoto Tuning of old school Toyota Carina, Turbo'd JDM engine

This is a tuning session of a prestine 1973 Toyota Carina's transplanted 3T-GTE JDM turbo engine, using Microtech EMS. This twin plug, 4 cylinder engine is rare indeed, and owned by R Rated Motorsports. Tuned at about 8psi, the vehicle made over 220whp, with a small t3 turbo and modified stock intake manifold.

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old school JDM
old school jdm tribute

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1972 Toyota Carina Two Door Sedan GrnOT 032412
A rare car here in the U.S. No mention of it was made in the standard catalog of imported cars. It came down the same factory assembly line as the first generation Toyota Celica. It shares the underpinnings, but the body panels are different. I suspect that it never was imported in quantities here on the mainland. This one is a perfect example.

Toyota Carina 3T dyno