BG 2011 street racing- Built Shelby GT500 vs. Turbo Honda Civic

GT500- Built, Unknown mods, Est. 850+ whp Civic- Fully built B18c1, PTE Billet 6262 on 26psi, Dyno'd 620whp

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700HP Civic Dominates on the Street!
ORDER HERE - A 700hp Civic beats a 700hp Supra, Nitrous G8, an RX7 and a 600cc bike on the streets of Houston at TX2K12!

Ricky's GT500 vs Jeffrey's Supra
Ricky's GT500 vs Jeffrey's Supra

Evo 35r vs Rx7 fd big turbo vs Mustang dig race $500 pot
The evo & Mustang had a $500 pot riding on the race, FD Rx7 jumped in for some fun. Starting line & finish line Views.

Cammed C6 vs Pullied GT500 vs Suzuki 600
WATCH IN HD .. camera car is boltons , cam M6 05 C6 465rwhp vs pullied , catback . CAI GT500 540rwhp Same C6 vs Exhaust suzuki 600