1964 Volkswagen Bug-1776 cc Motor Install-Part 1

It's a great day at SWRNC because Pete's little buddy "MAXWELL" the 1964 Volkswagen Bug is gettin a new motor! http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

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1964 Volkswagen Bug-1776 cc Motor Install-Part 2
My Friend Pete and the CLOWN ACT get the motor installed and then "THEY" decide to take the 64 VW BUG for a spin without Pete's permission! http://www.swnrc.com or 972-420-1293

Just Built 1776cc VW Beetle Bug Motor - POWERFUL!!!! LOUD!
1776cc newly rebuilt by myself. Weber 44mm Carb stock 69mm Crankshaft stock connecting rods 90.5mm Mahle pistons Engle 120 Camshaft Hi Performance lifters with oil gallery (for cam lobes) 042 high performance head with port&polish and 3 angle valve job. Euro tuck Exhaust with J-tubes

VW engine install, seventh and final engine install vid
I taped 7 videos while my son was visiting, of us putting the motor in the VW bug. The visual quality isn't that good I'm afraid and I should have put them up before I shot videos of the motor running in the car, but it was a fun time working with him and Trish in the garage, so I thought I'd go ahead and show them now that I have had time to pull them up and load 'em. Some might find these too long and boring. Feel free not to watch.. Josh said people are interested in the boring details of this stuff, and maybe they are, so for better or worse, here they are, whether you like it or not.. Thanks.

VW engine install
Installing a VW engine in a dune buggy.