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Identifying a Chrysler 2.2 or 2.5 Engine

How to identify these engines, sure there are easier ways, but here is the hard way. Oh yeah, you can see the build date from going underneath the car, you don't need to take it out lol. VIN decoding may not work for pre 1988 models. Enter VIN in caps on the Dodge site, or else.


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How to port and polish a turbo exhaust housing
I'll fill this in later. The "book" I typed in this field before didn't save. Come back later if you want to read more about the theories behind porting and polishing.

SuperCharged 5hp Briggs&Stratton
Here is a SuperCharged engine built from a 5hp (model13...) Briggs and Stratton. It uses a Modified turboCharger from a Chrysler 2.2 , built by Garrett. I have to that my friend Clarence for machining the Supercharger bearing housing etc., as he does awesome work! He has helped out with some of my other engines also :)) The blower spins at 6 times crankshaft speed. We have not run this engine in this configuration, but did run it with the carb. on the compressor inlet, it was a bit of a pain to start that way, so my son decideto run a pressurized carb. Hopefully it runs OK. One thing is for sure, it isn't going to be quiet!

Chrysler smallblock engine ID *by the numbers*
Chrysler smallblock engines are both plentiful and similar in appearance among the 4 different displacements. Here's a primer on ID'ing them with the numbers that exist on the block. This will help you be sure of what you may already have, or prevent a dishonest seller from ripping you off unless you, the educated buyer, knows for sure! Note that this info may not apply to early A engines, Magnum series or big blocks.

dodge dakota 2.5 l engine
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10 minute Cam Swap
See the associated website: http://www.turbododge.info/timingbelt This is a video of me swapping out a slider cam in an '84 Dodge Rampage with the 2.2L engine, for a roller cam from a '91 Spirit or Shadow or something.

88 Lebaron TURBO** fully built
turbo rare 5 speed turbosmart bov

Cambio de cabeza en un Shadow GTS
Cambio de cabeza en un Shadow GTS

Intercooler for the Konvertible
Replacing my home-made Intercooler with a factory TII Intercooler/radiator.

Dodge 2.2, 2.5 8V Variable Camshaft Timing
Showing the basic idea of making a variable camshaft timing unit to use on 2.2 or 2.5 Chrysler engines. I removed the key from the camshaft and left the bolt loose so I could move it back and forth to show the amount of timing that could be had with the stock belt. Looks like at least 10 degrees or so.

TipsForCar Place Number Engine PT CRUISER CHRYSLER
Tips For Car - http://www.tipsforcar.com * Send your questions via website Discover where is the Engine number of the PT CRUISER CHRYSLER Where is the number of Engine PT CRUISER CHRYSLER Where is the number of Motor PT CRUISER CHRYSLER

Introduction to dcal Part 1
In this video series we will be going over the basics of dcal. This includes which files are needed and what their purpose is, how to read the screen, and how to edit calibrations. Also, briefly described is the data format for some tables and 'phantom' point for fuel tables. Part 1 of 3.

manual cambio de banda de tiempo ford honda crysler chevrolet nissan
http://adf.ly/UdRZq aqui les dejo el link de descarga yo mismo lo subi encaso de que se caiga comentes gracias. http://adf.ly/UdRZq

My Turbo K-car
This is my turbo Dodge Aries. It came with a 2.5L SOHC naturally aspirated engine. It now has a 2.2L Chrysler turbo engine. This video is shortly after we got it running with the new motor and trans, it still needs to be tuned and some bugs worked out, but it is driveable.

Dodge Daytona @ 20 psi Hybrid Turbo
This is my 89' Daytona testing at 20 psi with hybrid turbo, unfortunately it spitted out a rocker arm shifting to 3rd gear... its a 2.5 Chrysler 8valve engine with 3bar cal +40's and walbro 255 on 18" rims,

86 Turbo Z with new 2.5L
Diagnosis for 86 turbo Z. Ran fine before T2 LM change. Bad comp? Not enough fuel pressure, too rich? Timing is good, fuel pump and filter are good.

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