Identifying a Chrysler 2.2 or 2.5 Engine

How to identify these engines, sure there are easier ways, but here is the hard way. Oh yeah, you can see the build date from going underneath the car, you don't need to take it out lol. VIN decoding may not work for pre 1988 models. Enter VIN in caps on the Dodge site, or else.

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1989 turbocharged chrysler lebaron 2.2 back to life--GOTSPL--
its the phantom. Been down for 11 months and its back ---Runs 14-15psi fwd i snapped in the middle of racing the front bracebar that attaches to the trans mount with the engine was originally welded so we drilled 6-3/4" bolts through the frame and it holds. then shortly afterwards the steering collum snapped in half while racing so it took us 11 months to figure out how to replace it with another model lebaron which doesnt come with blinkers or the right harness on the collum.When we cut off the other harness it effected the brake lights so were trying to fix it.

First time startup and break in of the rebuilt engine.
Saturn DOHC 4 cylinder. Priming and starting the engine after a rebuild. The following work was performed. -Removed entire powertrain through bottom of car -Cleaned carbon from pistons -New piston rings -Drilled oil drain holes in pistons -New Bearings -New Crank seal -New Rear Main seal -New Oil pump kit -New Thermostat o-ring -New water pump -New Headgasket -New Professionally rebuilt head -New timing kit -Cleaned & painted valve cover -Cleaned & painted intake manifold & new gasket -Cleaned & painted Exhaust manifold & new gasket -Cleaned throttle body & new gasket -Cleaned EGR & new gasket -Cleaned PCV valve -Cleaned & painted oil pan -Installed oil pan with black RTV -Cleaned fuel injectors -New fuel pressure regulator -New fuel filter

How to remove crank pulley from Chrysler 2.7 engine.
How to use the Chrysler dampener puller (OEM part 27139) to remove a pulley from the Chrysler 2.7 engine. See complete timing chain replacement guide at timing-chain-page2.aspx

Adventures in Scale Modeling | Dodge Daytona Turbo & Richard Petty's NASCAR Pontiac | PART 1/4
visit: Dodge Daytona From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Dodge Daytona was a front-wheel drive hatchback based on the Chrysler G platform, which was derived from the Chrysler K platform. The Daytona was produced from 1984 to 1993. The Chrysler Laser was an upscale near twin version of the Daytona. The Daytona was restyled for 1987, and again for 1992. It replaced the Mitsubishi-based Challenger, and slotted between the Charger and the Conquest. The Daytona was replaced by the 1995 Dodge Avenger, which was built by Mitsubishi Motors. The Daytona derives its name mainly from the Dodge Charger Daytona, which itself was named after the Daytona 500 race in Daytona Beach, Florida. History The Daytona originally used the 2.2 L Chrysler K engine in normally-aspirated (93 hp) or turbocharged (142 hp) form. The 96 hp 2.5 L K engine was added for 1986. In 1985, the 2.2 L turbo I engine's horsepower was increased to 146 hp (109 kW). The 1984 Daytona was available in three trim lines: standard, turbo and turbo Z. Total production was 49,347. The Daytona turbo was on Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best list for 1984. Both the Daytona and Chrysler Laser were available with the Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert system through 1987. A performance oriented "Shelby" version of the Daytona was introduced in 1987.