Identifying a Chrysler 2.2 or 2.5 Engine

How to identify these engines, sure there are easier ways, but here is the hard way. Oh yeah, you can see the build date from going underneath the car, you don't need to take it out lol. VIN decoding may not work for pre 1988 models. Enter VIN in caps on the Dodge site, or else.

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Motor Chrysler 2.5 Lts Cambio de junta de cabeza Head Gasket Replacement.
Torque. Cabeza 65 lb/pie + 1/4 de vuelta, bancada cigueñal 30 lb/pie + 1/4 de vuelta, bielas 40 lb/pie + 1/4 de vuelta, banca de árbol 18 lb/pie, tornillo de árbol 65 lb/pie. Head Gasket Replacement Chrysler 2.5 Lts. Motor Chrysler 2.5 Lts Cambio de junta de cabeza.

1100 hp Twin SRT-4 engine powered Dodge Rampage build Swap SRT4 SRT 2.4 turbo Neon Engines
well started one years ago as a joke that turned to serious for the body I had to work with so I started another rampage (black one) to do twin 2.4 turbos (see my other video for the 2.2 powered rampage), then I stumbled upon 2 srt4 2.4 engines and 2 big turbo kits and a couple of stand alone ecm which started this build.. LOL one day it will be done! See the build up to date

10 minute Cam Swap
See the associated website: This is a video of me swapping out a slider cam in an '84 Dodge Rampage with the 2.2L engine, for a roller cam from a '91 Spirit or Shadow or something.

Timing Belt Tension Chrysler 2.2L/2.5L 4 Cylinder Engines
When properly tensioned the timing belt will ride in the center of the cam sprocket. Too tight and the belt will ride to the outside. Too loose and the belt will ride to the inside.