05 STS VS 04 Mustang w/ slicks !

.075 reaction time vs .35 The sts still beat the Mustang by over 2 tenths

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Cadillac STS DragStrip
2005 Cadillac Sts at the Drag Strip Northstar V8 Corsa Axleback K&N Cone 13.6 @ 104

STS Cadillac w/ Corsa Axleback Slow 1/4 mile run
Not my best time but a good sound / picture quality video of the STS running down the 1/4 mile with a K&N Cone filter and a Corsa Axleback Exhaust

00 STS vs 89 SHO 15-110mph
300hp STS vs 220hp SHO, both at 3/4 tank gas and 1 passenger each.

Sts-v vs Cts-v coupe
Stsv Intake Exhaust Ctsv Intake Exhaust Tune That Ctsv could've murder me if we kept going lol