2.3 Whipple Cobra vs NO2 C5 Z06, SRT-4 vs M3, LT1 vs LS1, Iroc vs K20 Hatch

Stock Motor/turbo SRT-4 on 22psi... VS... M3.... 40-120... Cobra.. 2.3 Whipple, Race gas, High Boost, 26inch DOT Radials... VS... C5 Z06 Stock Bottom End, 6 Speed, 1 Kit, ET Streets LT1 mods unknown, 6 speed.. VS.. LS1 Trans Am with Cam, Stall, Exhaust Iroc- Heads, cam, intake... VS... Untuned K20 hatch

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RSX vs C6 Z06.. Sh*t Talking/Excuses/Clueless RSX Owner
Built RSX with Big Single turbo vs Cam, Intake, and Exhaust C6Z After the race.. Excuses are on FIRE and start "Shootin' Flames For Miles!"

Big Turbo SRT4 vs 2.9 E85 Whipple Cobra vs 2.4 E85 EVO
This SRT4 has run a best of 10.3 @ 147mph in the 1/4 mile, EVO and Cobra are untested.

03 Cobra Whipple 3.4L Crusher Dyno / E85 @ 27lbs of boost on built 5.0l Stroker
MMR 5.0L Stroker with Stock heads and Cams 8:5:1 3.4L Whipple Crusher E85 and 27lbs of Boost @ 19* of Timing MORE TO COME!!!!

03 Cobra 3.4L Whipple Crusher v 03 C5 Z06 Vortech Supercharged E85 750whp (OWNED with no traction)
@ NO FLY ZONE 1/2 Mile Racing Event * 3/2/13* 40mph rolling start in 2nd gear until about 140ish I got owned bad and just stopped lol, again, all over the place. C5 Z is a beast though. Make sure you watch the other vid with the over the shoulder view and me starting in 3rd.