2.3 Whipple Cobra vs NO2 C5 Z06, SRT-4 vs M3, LT1 vs LS1, Iroc vs K20 Hatch

Stock Motor/turbo SRT-4 on 22psi... VS... M3.... 40-120... Cobra.. 2.3 Whipple, Race gas, High Boost, 26inch DOT Radials... VS... C5 Z06 Stock Bottom End, 6 Speed, 1 Kit, ET Streets LT1 mods unknown, 6 speed.. VS.. LS1 Trans Am with Cam, Stall, Exhaust Iroc- Heads, cam, intake... VS... Untuned K20 hatch

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RSX vs C6 Z06.. Sh*t Talking/Excuses/Clueless RSX Owner
Built RSX with Big Single turbo vs Cam, Intake, and Exhaust C6Z After the race.. Excuses are on FIRE and start "Shootin' Flames For Miles!"

Stock C5 Z06 takes on everything! The Cobra gets down with a VROD 1250cc! And you won't believe what this WRX does against LS1 RX-7!!! So much street-racing, so much fun! Stock C5 Z06 vs. WRX 20psi e85 - 0:13 Same C5 Z06 vs. PTE 54/31 turbo GSR 14psi, 60 roll - 0:25 Same C5 Z06 vs. same turbo GSR, 40 roll - 0:58 Same C5 Z06 vs. WRX, 40 roll - 1:27 Same C5 Z06 vs. 60-1 B16 11psi - 1:47 Same C5 Z06 vs. 60-1 B16 Race #2 - 2:00 KB 2.2 Cobra vs. Harley VROD 1250cc - 2:18 Cobra vs. Harley Race #2 - 2:31 Same C5 Z06 vs. Acura TL - 3:01 Same C5 Z06 vs. KB 2.2 Cobra, with the VROD - 3:26 WRX 20psi e85 vs. 98 bolt-on Cobra - 3:55 Same WRX vs. LS1 RX-7, 40 roll - 4:04 Same WRX vs. Same LS1 RX-7 vs. 98 bolt-on Cobra - 4:14

Street Race C6 Z06, Procharged GT, LS1 240sx, and MUCH MORE!
Some racing animations of Mexico street racing! Cars include: Old chevy truck (not sure what year or style) C6 Z06- Cam, Intake, Exhaust 2003 Mustang GT- Procharged Trans Am- Gear, Cam C6- Stock Automatic C5- Stock (To my knowledge) LS1 240sx- Cam, T56 SRT4- Pump Gas, Mods Unknown Chase Bike- ZX10R A Dale Yeah Production is my company so I own the credits to the name. Along with Troller Films. The music belongs to the band Immediate Music and the song is called "The Heist" I do not own the music, I am using it and giving credit to the artist. The Intro and Outro templates belong to RavenProDesign and are designed specifically for Sony Vegas Pro 11. I do not own the template designs but I have permission to use as long as I state that RavenProDesign made the templates originally.

XXX Motorsports Tuned 04 Cobra 2.3L Whipple at 17psi.
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