2.3 Whipple Cobra vs NO2 C5 Z06, SRT-4 vs M3, LT1 vs LS1, Iroc vs K20 Hatch

Stock Motor/turbo SRT-4 on 22psi... VS... M3.... 40-120... Cobra.. 2.3 Whipple, Race gas, High Boost, 26inch DOT Radials... VS... C5 Z06 Stock Bottom End, 6 Speed, 1 Kit, ET Streets LT1 mods unknown, 6 speed.. VS.. LS1 Trans Am with Cam, Stall, Exhaust Iroc- Heads, cam, intake... VS... Untuned K20 hatch

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Street Race C6 Z06, Procharged GT, LS1 240sx, and MUCH MORE!
Some racing animations of Mexico street racing! Cars include: Old chevy truck (not sure what year or style) C6 Z06- Cam, Intake, Exhaust 2003 Mustang GT- Procharged Trans Am- Gear, Cam C6- Stock Automatic C5- Stock (To my knowledge) LS1 240sx- Cam, T56 SRT4- Pump Gas, Mods Unknown Chase Bike- ZX10R A Dale Yeah Production is my company so I own the credits to the name. Along with Troller Films. The music belongs to the band Immediate Music and the song is called "The Heist" I do not own the music, I am using it and giving credit to the artist. The Intro and Outro templates belong to RavenProDesign and are designed specifically for Sony Vegas Pro 11. I do not own the template designs but I have permission to use as long as I state that RavenProDesign made the templates originally.

Stock C5 Z06 takes on everything! The Cobra gets down with a VROD 1250cc! And you won't believe what this WRX does against LS1 RX-7!!! So much street-racing, so much fun! Stock C5 Z06 vs. WRX 20psi e85 - 0:13 Same C5 Z06 vs. PTE 54/31 turbo GSR 14psi, 60 roll - 0:25 Same C5 Z06 vs. same turbo GSR, 40 roll - 0:58 Same C5 Z06 vs. WRX, 40 roll - 1:27 Same C5 Z06 vs. 60-1 B16 11psi - 1:47 Same C5 Z06 vs. 60-1 B16 Race #2 - 2:00 KB 2.2 Cobra vs. Harley VROD 1250cc - 2:18 Cobra vs. Harley Race #2 - 2:31 Same C5 Z06 vs. Acura TL - 3:01 Same C5 Z06 vs. KB 2.2 Cobra, with the VROD - 3:26 WRX 20psi e85 vs. 98 bolt-on Cobra - 3:55 Same WRX vs. LS1 RX-7, 40 roll - 4:04 Same WRX vs. Same LS1 RX-7 vs. 98 bolt-on Cobra - 4:14

XXX Motorsports Tuned 04 Cobra 2.3L Whipple at 17psi.
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Srt - 4 neon versus vs turbo t bird and a few cobra terminators 600 plus wheel horsepower
Srt - 4 neon versus vs turbo t bird and a few cobra terminators 600 plus wheel horsepower