chuck thompson 1968 dart wicked fire and ice NOS run

11:46 run and with the push of a button 10:28. Wicked fire and ice run.

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Columbus Chrysler Classsic 2008 Blue Dart 1968
Melissa 19 yrs old Blue Dart 68, Troy 18 yrs old Yellow Cornet they are best friends racing at the Columbus Chrysler Classic. May 19, 2008. Tags: Best Friends Columbus Chrysler Classic 19 yrs old 68 Dart Blue Drag Racing

Road Runner I -
Road Runner I -

1968 Dodge Dart
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1968 HEMI Dart Super Stock - Real Car
Real Super Stock 1968 Dodge Dart with 426 Race Hemi and open headers. Heading up to get the Tom Karay Memorial Award at the 23rd Annual Muscle Car Classic Car Show 8/02/09. This car was absolutely perfect in every detail. A true pleasure to view and hear. Copyright 2009