Redcat Racing Earthquake 1/8 Scale Nitro Monster Truck

This is a new 1/8 Scale 2 speed truggy test video. This one is running on .18 Engine n using oversized tires. Its one sweet performer off road and on road. Check it out. Comments feedback welcome at Don't forget to check,, racing and Cheers

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EarthQuake 3.5 Starting and Breaking in Engine uake-35 In this Redcat Racing video tutorial you will see how to prepare the engine, prime it for the very first time, setting up the Carburetor valves and fire up the engine for the very first time. In addition you will also see the 5 tanks standard engine breaking in process. Comments feedback welcome at Don't forget to check, racing and, , Cheers

Are RedCats Durable Do not ask me, just watch this video.

How To Quickly Start a Nitro Engine (SH .28 Engine)
A video to help people who are just getting into nitro RCs on how to quickly start a nitro engine. If you are wondering what truck I have, it's called the "HSP Tornado", and it's 1/8th scale. I am probably going to do a review on it sometime, so make sure to subscribe!

Lets Break RedCats again EarthQuake 3.5 This video series is simply bashing the old Redcats that were sitting at home for a long time. In this video you will see some EarthQuake 3.5 bashing. This is 1/8th scale nitro 4WD monster truck with SH 3.5 Engine and two speed transmission.