Redcat Racing Earthquake 1/8 Scale Nitro Monster Truck

This is a new 1/8 Scale 2 speed truggy test video. This one is running on .18 Engine n using oversized tires. Its one sweet performer off road and on road. Check it out. Comments feedback welcome at Don't forget to check,, racing and Cheers

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Red Cat Racing 1/8 scale Earthquake 3.5 nitro

Lets Break RedCats again EarthQuake 3.5 This video series is simply bashing the old Redcats that were sitting at home for a long time. In this video you will see some EarthQuake 3.5 bashing. This is 1/8th scale nitro 4WD monster truck with SH 3.5 Engine and two speed transmission.

Redcat rebuilt very nice and fast! selling it 180 obo
Check this out rebuilt and cleaned very fast and nice. tell me what you think. earthquake 3.5.

1/8th Exceed Nitro Gas Battalian RC Truggy in Action
Check out this and other nitro rc cars at We shot this video over two days because of the rain in Cali. The cars were broken into prior to the video shoot. We had a GoPro HD mounted on our 1/5th electric truck for onbaord video, but the unstable body and gravel made the footage unusable. We will modify the equipment so we get better onboard footage next time. Overall these trucks ran great and could take quite a beating.