Lee's C20XE Vauxhall Corsa Vs Corbs C20LET Turbo Corsa

C20XE corsa Vs C20LET Corsa (Black wheels).

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Plodding along the M25 on Suzuki SV650S
Friend had the camera, just plodding along up to Santa Pod...

Lees Corsa in Dartford Tunnel
Sticking under the speed limit of Corsa...

Vauxhall Opel Corsa Vs Citroen Saxo VTR VTS Pt1
Back in 2002, I arranged a Corsa Vs Saxo day along with Redline magazine. Tuning options were limited in 2002, but we had a damn good time anyway. 4.97 0-60mph and 149mph (1.2 miles) from a NA 2.0 16v Corsa won the day, but it had a fair bit more top end yet ;-) Any questions please ask.

Lee's 2.0 Redtop Corsa Vs Supercharged Mini
2.0 16v Corsa Vs Supercharged Mini. Mini driver is a new drag strip runner. Can you tell?