Lee's C20XE Vauxhall Corsa Vs Corbs C20LET Turbo Corsa

C20XE corsa Vs C20LET Corsa (Black wheels).

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Plodding along the M25 on Suzuki SV650S
Friend had the camera, just plodding along up to Santa Pod...

Opel Corsa C20XE Project overview 2008-1010
Corsa C20XE Eaton M90 Supercharger With NOS and WM Injection

corsa c20xe on throttle bodies
my corsa c20xe running on qed direct to head throttle bodies & high lift cams on sold lifters etc

calibra turbo 4x4 C20let GT3582R 0-200kmh 13sec
calibra turbo C20let GT3582R 0-200kmh 12sec with low Boost only 1.4Bar,820 AGT & 10,1AFR !!!Haltech E8