1971 Monte Carlo Firing Up Project RICEKLR

This is my new 462 ci Big Block firing up. It will hopefully be put on the drag strip next spring, estimated horsepower is somwhere in the 600 range at the flywheel. It will have a 4:11 posi rearend with Disk Brakes.(12 Bolt) Projected ETS once all dialed in is in the low 7s 1/8 mile and 10.90s to 11 1/4 mile. Guarenteed to eat and destroy any import car in its path!

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1/8 Mile Run at Ware Shoals Dragway 11/7/09 1971 Monte Carlo SS Project RICEKLR
Ran my quickest time so far of a 7.41 and MPH of 92. The "RiceBurner" came to life a little over a year ago. Came a long way so far, looking next year on better prepared track and drag suspension on front and rear to run in the 7-7.2 range. The car is going to my buddy's house for paint in January. Car is a Street Driven Car, and was driven to the track and back! just removed the mufflers!

My 1971 Monte Carlo
a quick music video. I know it is a little jerky, but it is hard to hold a camera still when there is so much horsepower under foot.

Muscle Car the Monte Carlo
The 400 And Over Club's 1971 Monte Carlo. I made this video for my best friend who was in the hospital with terminal cancer. He loved this song as it reminded him of his car. Feel Free to comment, the car is now in the loving hands of his Son.

The 71 Monte Carlo
Richards 71 Monte Carlo