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Repost after Gwargwar gave me a heads up on a little TO MUCH personal info in that one. Once again this is my summer hobby. Please dont ask specs because they are every changing. Its just a fun vid

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mikey vs camaro wheel stand
drag race sorry about the sound not goin with the pic best i could do mikey computer won;t keep up with cameara

Coco Connection - Supergas 1970 Camaro (1920 x 1080 Full HD)
Coco Connection - Supergas 1970 Camaro (1920 x 1080 Full HD) a bit of a pictorial history. Originally owned by Chris Spencer and later by Dave Evans, some original parts are still today to be found on Doomsday Impala. Ran a best of 9.2 with 489cu, methanol, in full original chassis car. Music by Hybernoid, all rights to the music owned EXCLUSIVELY by the uploader (Hybernoid).

1970 Camaro: Frankenstein
This is a video of my buddy's Camaro Drag Car. This car is crazy fast!

Camaro Wheelie
Dave Henninger's 1970 Z/28 on the bumper at IRP. The engine is an all aluminum, twin turbo, odd-fire Chevy V6 with XFI fuel and spark management,