Hodge Racing Brother and Sister Team

Repost after Gwargwar gave me a heads up on a little TO MUCH personal info in that one. Once again this is my summer hobby. Please dont ask specs because they are every changing. Its just a fun vid

More Videos...

AR-15 24" Bull Barrel Up Close in detail.
Here ya go guys, a few details on my Bull Barrel. And a little fuel for my haters

Goindeff's 8 mins of BS (week 2)
Had alot of BS to fit in my own 8 mins. So sorry for all the breaks in the clip

Justin's new camaro ride
This is the transformation of Division 3 S/ST Champion Justin Rosenbohm's 1970 Camaro. During just two weeks time we received numerous donations from major companies in order to put together Justin's new ride!!!

Pinks All Out - Norwalk, Ohio - Aug 2010
A great time, but got there at 11 am and was wiped out by 4:30. Final 16 wasn't until after dusk. Glad I went ...but I've seen faster and more interesting race cars at other events. Lots of people because ...it's on TV, I guess.