2006 Chevy Lumina SS

Chevy Lumina SS compilation over the 2 years I had the car. Ended with a high speed crash due to slippery surface from a previous accident (oil spill)....Was going so fast at the end of the day with traction control off so impossible to control the car. Will get myself a faster car again,,,,,, no doubt!

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Nasser Alsarihid Lumina SS ( Dyno Run + test )
tuned by hesham almulla this beast put down 730 whp i hope u enjoy it Jacal

Lumina vs Mustang.mp4

Lumina S 2004 vs camry 2006

1000 HP Supercharged Pontiac GTO
the full story of my babe since i got it untill now and still going on the strongest street lumina ss in UAE .