2006 Chevy Lumina SS

Chevy Lumina SS compilation over the 2 years I had the car. Ended with a high speed crash due to slippery surface from a previous accident (oil spill)....Was going so fast at the end of the day with traction control off so impossible to control the car. Will get myself a faster car again,,,,,, no doubt!

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Lumina vs Mustang.mp4

Lumina SS 2006 Reduced Performance Issue
The Vehicle is Lumina SS V8 5.7L 2006 (Holden Commodore) This happened when It was raining , i was trying to catch up the traffic light before it flashes red , i pushed the pedal kinda hard and suddenly this reading appeared (reduced performance & safety mode) and ya (T/C) was off . P.S :The Codes do not appear if not speeding and pushing the pedal to the max I went to the repair shop and he did the (electrical) or the (technical) diagnostics and these are the fault codes appeared : P0171 Fuel System Lean Bank1 P0174 Fuel System Lean Bank 2 P2135 (refer to Relevant technical manual) I tried replacing the O2 sensors(Used) and it torn out that my sensors are working fine and the ones i replaced were damaged , i also cleaned the fuel injectors and did resets but the problem still nothing changed. Please if you can help comment and tell me what should i do .

Nasser Alsarihid Lumina SS ( Dyno Run + test )
tuned by hesham almulla this beast put down 730 whp i hope u enjoy it Jacal

Lumina SS LS7 احمد الخليفه