Hauling 416C to Job Site Dodge Cummins

The dodge pulls this load EZ.

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Hauling CAT D4 With Dodge 2500 12 Valve Cummins 5 speed
Got around 1100 EGT and 15 psi Boost.

Hauling CAT D4 With 97 12 Valve Cummins
This dozer weighs in the 12,000 lbs area and it is heavy. So many hills forced me to only use 3rd and 4th gear. The cummins got a little over 190 temp a few times, but it always cooled back down.

Heavy hauling with the dodge
I don't have the dodge anymore.

Duramax In 4X4 Street Tires
It can move in the mud as long as there are no deep potholes.