Hauling 416C to Job Site Dodge Cummins

The dodge pulls this load EZ.

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Dodge dually pulls Caterpillar
Moving my Cat a short distance down the road when the lowboy wasn't available.

2001 Cummins Towing 30ft Trailer with Dual 6" Stacks
My 2001 Cummins. Picking up my uncles trailer so I could go get a little bus. Mods are as follows -AFE Intake -4" downpipe to 5" Exhaust to 6" stacks -285's and wheel spacers in the back -Air Dog Fuel System -Edge CTS w/Juice Module -Transmission rebuilt by me. Goerend rebuild kit/DPC Reman Single disc converter/Billet Input & Laminated Flexplate Running on level 2(tow) on the Edge

97 12v cummins pullin 30k
12v bd turbo 370 sticks banks intake dpi Exhaust manifold mbrp 4" dave goerend transmision. Cedar City Diesel Tuners. 23 bales 1k each 8600 lb trailer This load did not go on the road just field to barn.

dodge cummins hauling 13,200 lb trailer.avi
hauling my backhoe with the dodge cummins