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Yeni balkan makina - traktör önüne kar bıçağı - snow plough for tractor

Yeni balkan makina - traktör önüne kar bıçağı - snow plough for tractor


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The tractor vs. snow / Vyhrnování sněhu
About 20 cm (8") of new snow vs. the tractor. Vyhrnování nového sněhu v Liberci (cca 20 cm). Aneb jak si poradí traktor s přední radlicí se sněhem.

MFZ Blocher - Snow plowing with RC Tractor Kirovets K700 - А снег поляну с Кировец 700
RC Traktor Kirovets K 700 A beim Schneeräumen mit einem Schneepflug. zusammen mit einer Pistenraupe " Snow King " versuchen wir nassen Schnee wegzuräumen. Leider war der Schnee zu naß und extrem Schwer, so daß wir wenig Erfolg hatten RC Tractor Kirovets K 700 A when clearing snow with a snow plow. together with a piste caterpillar Snow King, we are trying to clear away wet snow. Unfortunately, the snow was too wet and extremely heavy, so we had little success RC трактор Кировец К 700 А при расчистке снега снегоуборочной техники. вместе с трассы гусеница Snow King, мы стараемся, чтобы убрать мокрый снег. К сожалению, снег был слишком влажным и очень тяжелые, так что мы имели небольшой успех RC Trattore Kirovets K 700 A quando lo sgombero della neve con un aratro neve. insieme ad una pista bruco Snow King, stiamo cercando di sgombrare il campo da neve bagnata. Purtroppo, la neve era troppo bagnata e estremamente pesante, quindi abbiamo avuto poco successo RC Ciągniki Kirovets K 700 przy odśnieżaniu z pługiem śniegu. wraz ze stoku gąsienica Snow King, staramy się sprzątać mokry śnieg. Niestety, śnieg był zbyt mokry i bardzo ciężki, więc mieliśmy mały sukces RC Tractor Kirovets K 700 A. Ao limpar neve com um arado de neve juntamente com uma pista de neve lagarta King, estamos tentando limpar neve molhada. Infelizmente, a neve estava muito molhada e extremamente pesado, por isso, teve pouco sucesso

Plowing with the Homemade tractor snow plow mount
Plowing snow with the DIY Homemade tractor snow plow mount. I made this adapter to mount a fisher snow plow and A frame to the front loader if a kubota tractor.

Model Wheel loader Hydraulic with McCormick Tractor and Krampe trailer 1:16
Shovel met McCormick trekker en Krampe aanhanger schaal 1:16 Voor meer info zie eventueel mijn website

Miedema Stronga - Trekkerweb.nl
Miedema Stronga - Trekkerweb.nl

Mini Cat Challenger Tractor snow plowing

John Deere 7730 Snow removal
John Deere 7730 plogar snö John Deere 7730 plowing snow

900 Versatile Tractor With Blade Plowing Snow
Well here is the final result of the work on the blade. Its a 12 foot leon blade, not too sure just took her out to the field for some tests to see if any bolts would snap, and how it worked of course!

Yeni Balkan Makina - mini elektrikli çöp kamyonu (garbage truck works with electricity)
Yeni Balkan Makina - mini elektrikli çöp kamyonu (garbage truck works with electricity)

Yeni Balkan makina - gostivar - kar bıçağı - snow plough
Yeni Balkan makina - gostivar - kar bıçağı - snow plough

Snow Plow Video - Long Master Raw Edit. Winter 01 - 08 Snow Plow
Snow Plow Video - Long Master Raw Edit. This is a combo video from various footage packages in Standard Definition from the years 2001, to the spring of 2008. Various snow clean up and snow plow footage. Catalog #: Winter_01_08_Snow_Plow Total Run Time: 56:01:13 Screen Format: 4:3 Video Format: Standard Definition License Type: Rights Managed To license this footage, contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com

Homemade Tractor Plowing After Another Snow Storm
Homemade 4x4 tractor with articulated steering plowing the neighbour's driveway after another snow storm.

john deere 1026r plowing snow 1
thits little tractor plows snow great 600lb wieght on the back and chains on the front i am amazed what it will plow. plus with the loader munted plow i can pile it up nice and high i can roll the plow forward off the skid shoes to get hard packed snow or keep it rolled back on the skids for normal plowing all i need now is an extra remote for hydralic angle and a cab

Lamborghini tractor plowing snow and stuck in it
Tractor Lamborghini R3.95 plowing snow and then almost stuck in huge amount of snow.

Snow removal by Valtra 6250
En Valtra 6250 traktor plogar snö i ett bostadsområde i Linköping den 18/3-2011. A Valtra 6250 tractor plowing snow in a neighborhood in Linköping 18/3-2011.

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