How to Wheelie: Part 1 - Beginner

My first part in a how to wheelie series. This is mainly for the 600cc range of bikes. For liter bikes you need to start in 2nd gear. Take these tips and go practice! :) I's got a facebook! Go like it!

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How To Wheelie: Part 2- Intermediate
Don't forget to go slow! Take the tips from my first video and just expand them for 2nd gear. Wear your gear and have fun!!! Part 1 here- 08HdY5m-U884nc

Wheelie Practice: 2nd Gear
Gettin it up in Second towards the end :D On my way to my goal of balance point by my birthday. Like my Facebook!

Wanna Know What a Squid Is? Watch This...
I laughed for a while after this encounter. Seriously... a Hayabusa zx1400? hahaha!

Wheelie Practice - Z1000 2nd Gear
Looking for a new wheelie spot and trying her out. She has so much potential... I just need a little time with her :)