1965 Plymouth HEMI Lightweight

The Dodge & Plymouth A-990 cars were the end result of a change in drag rules mandated by the NHRA and the continuing special high performance program at Chrysler to keep pace with both the rules and the competition..... Following the end of the 1964 season NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) banned the use of aluminum and/or fiberglass body components on both stock and super stock cars. The older aluminum & fiberglass-bodied cars would still be eligible to run in stock classes if they had met the minimum production numbers. The A-990 Mopars would meet these new rules head on and the interior was also lightened as much as possible. The initial run of A-990's came out of the modification center weighing 500 pounds less than the standard super stock car of 1964 and 250 pounds less than the NHRA requirement. Now the factory had to add some weight back so they added a steel gas tank shield, a re-enforced roll bar and standard steel bumpers and deck lids...and the cars weighed in right on the money! These cars were so fast that these A-990's were virtually unbeatable for several years to come and for the first two years...1965 and 1966...they were the ONLY cars in the class at all..... ET's in the high 10 second range were commonplace with these cars.

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Ed Miller 1965 A990 Plymouth Hemi, The 1967 Super Stock World Champion
STAY TUNED FOR THE FULL LENGTH MOVIE OF DON FEZELL'S FACTORY MUSCLE CAR COLLECTION! This is a short film featuring Don Fezell's 1965 Plymouth that captured the Super Stock World Champion title in 1967. This car was originally owned by 'Akron' Arlen Vanke then sold to Ed Miller. Ed Miller drove this car to the 1967 Super Stock Winner's Circle. Ed won the $10,000 purse sponsored by Hurst. Don Fezell currently owns this outstanding A990 race car and keeps it looks better than new! Don is one of the nicest guys and always is willing to share stories of his famous Factory Muscle Car collection!

Sox & Martin 1965 Hemi Belvedere Vs. Bob Reed 1968 Hemi Cuda
Step back in time to the 1989 Mopars At Englishtown and watch the Sox & Martin 1965 Super Stock Hemi Belvedere take on "Bullet" Bob Reed's 1968 Super Stock Hemi Cuda.

Plymouth Belvedere A-990 Factory Lightweight
Portion of Velocity Channel's program: American Icon: The Muscle Car

1965 Plymouth Belvedere A990 Lightweight // Mecum Kissimmee 2017
Website: https://www.Mecum.com Learn About the Car: https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0117-269785/1965-plymouth-belvedere-a990-light weight/ Register to Bid: https://register.mecum.com/standard/?division=car&auctionID=FL0117 The Lifelong Collection of Don Fezell HIGHLIGHTS -1967 Super Stock World Champion for Miller and Guenther -Only 4-speed car to win a World Championship -A990 factory built race car -1 of 100 Hemi lightweights -1 of 13 4-speed A990 manual transmissions cars built in 1965 It was a two-year-old car with a tired engine driven by a bricklayer from New York. It was the biggest prize NHRA had ever offered in any category. But on an overcast day in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in late 1967, Ed Miller shifted this Hemi Plymouth to a $10,000 payday thanks to George Hurst, taking home the first-ever Super Stock Eliminator World Championship in NHRA history. Miller and racing partner Kip Guenther defeated Dick Arons’ Camaro in the final for the biggest moment in the history of this amazing car, but that is just part of its legacy. This car began life as a factory-built 4-speed, one of only 13 Super Stock Hemi Plymouths built to those specifications that model year. The original buyer was none other than ‘Akron Arlen’ Vanke, and Miller purchased the car from Arlen late in the 1965 season. During the two following seasons, Miller both received some factory help by keeping the manually handled car in Super Stock (SS/A), and set records en route to winning the Division 1 title over Bill Jenkins to guarantee a spot in the Tulsa field. Under the hood of this car is a fresh factory-correct A990 Hemi engine, backed by an A833 stirred by Miller’s Hurst shifter and a Dana 60 4.56:1 rear end. Complete with its winning-day Bronze racing paint, the car features period Cragar wheels, rare Stahl front tires and competition rear tires. As for provenance, this car has a complete ownership history as well as the actual 1967 World Finals hang tag from its spectacular achievement. Added to the Fezell collection in 1997, the car has been brought back to its present condition with care and includes vintage and current literature, Vanke’s first vehicle title, photos and a 1:18 die-cast model of this very car. No other 1965 A990 package, 4-speed or otherwise, can match the historical importance of the Miller & Guenther Hemi Plymouth. The first-ever NHRA Super Stock World Champion is offered for sale here for the first time since its completion. #WhereTheCarsAre