ERABBIT23 and Realtune Performance 9.87@149 First 5 Speed in the 9's

With winter just around the corner on the last track day of the year we click off a 9 Second Run setting a record that can not be broken by anyone which is First 5 Speed NSRT-4 in the 9's. Thanks to AGP turbo for keeping this thing rolling with sick turbos and huge thanks to Thompson Raceway Park for the great track we had yesterday. Look out for this car and many more Realtune Cars in 2010!

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Realtune camshaft idle in Caliber SRT4
Realtune Stage 1 camshafts for Caliber SRT4 first idle up video.

Red Savage NSRT4 first start up
First start up of the Red Savage monster NSRT4 build. This is our final build so I hope you guys enjoy. Some odds and ends to do as you can see in the video but she should be finished soon. Mod list: Realtune stage 3 shortblock [proven at 900whp] Realtune stage 3 cylinder head Crane 16 cams Mpx cam gears H11 head studs Realtune head gasket Realtune vband turbo manifold and hot parts kit 50mm turbosmart WGA Realtune 4" aluminum side exit Exhaust PTE 6465 vband turbo Fullblown dual pumps Realtune feed line kit Return line Fullblown fuel rail FIC 1100cc injectors AGP FMIC Realtune IC pipes w/tial AGP Intake manifold BC coilovers Tunergeeks rear bars Realtune LCA bushings ARP wheel studs AEM EMS tuned by Realtune DSS stage 5 axles Realtune 4 speed drag dog box Ragetek twin disc Realtune braided clutch line All the needed gauges [A/F, fuel, oil] AGP motor mounts MPX 62mm TB

Realtune NSRT4 build 10.37@142 first time out
Realtunes 2nd to last build. First pass of the season and only pass. Hit the track up on the last day, got one pass in and got a slit in the slick from road debris on the return road. This was with a 1.91 60 foot! Ill break the pass down for you.....Launch, spin rev limiter, shift, spin rev limiter, shift and long bog into back half and 10.37 pass. Look for this car to go high 9s FULL INTERIOR, P/S, and A/C early in 2014 Mod list : Realtune Stage 3 short block 9.0 compression, upgraded crank, 900hp proven - DSCR Pro-mod head modded by Realtune [bronze valve guides, fixed the valve job, and set the tip height] - Crane 20 cams - MPX cam gears - Realtune built Dog box transmission - Realtune modded ACT twin disc - Realtune savage drag axles - BC coilovers - Realtune solid control arm bushings - Twin a1000 pumps with sumped stock tank - JMB intake manifold - Full blown -10 fuel rail - FIC 1100cc high z injectors - MPX 62mm TB - AGP motor mounts - Realtune tubular manifold turbo kit w/ 50mm WGA - HTA35r turbo - Realtune 4" aluminum Side exit Exhaust - NRG quick release steering wheel - All the needed gauges - AEM EMS tuned by Realtune - AGP breather - AGP race FMIC - Realtune polished aluminum UPP w/ tial bov - Carbon eye lids

Gerald Zaman 12.67 Caliber SRT4
Gerald runs a 12.67 in his Caliber SRT4 in his first time out on slicks. Gerald has your typical bolt ons with Realtune MS1k tune and Realtune S2 upgraded stock turbo