EVO V (CP9A) + Defi DSSC﹝Defi Super Sport Cluster﹞初作

MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION V (CP9A) + Defi DSSC(Defi Super Sport Cluster)初作..

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Defi Cluster

Defi DSSCのオープニング
DefiのマルチメーターDSSC(Defi SUPER SPORTS CLUSTER)のオープニングです JZA80 Supraの前期に埋め込みしておます

Roberto's AWESOME Race Spec S15 (engine start) 10 January 2010
Absolutely the most hard core (absolutely no expense spared) heavily modified S15 I've ever ridden in. It was still in the run-in/tune-in phase with a 4K rev restriction set on the Motec. I can't wait to experience it once it's fully Dyno tuned and run in!

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