EVO V (CP9A) + Defi DSSC﹝Defi Super Sport Cluster﹞初作

MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION V (CP9A) + Defi DSSC(Defi Super Sport Cluster)初作..

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Defi Cluster

Laile Beatrush Quick Shift install - Mitsubishi Evo 6.5 TME CP9A
If you've seen my other videos, you'd probably seen me using various sim shifters. I'm a bit particular about shifters, so having seen Mr Ralliart's Beatrush shifter, I went all goo goo ga ga :) I also had a short shifter in my old Integra DC5R which I absolutely loved. I didn't get this for faster shifting, just for better feel, not that the stock shifter is bad. It's actually pretty good but things can always be improved upon. This shifter did not disappoint. It felt great straight off. No acclimatisation required. Short and precise and the closer proximity to the steering wheel is great. The only disappointing thing is my shifter came with some damage, either during transit or at the factory. I'll be writing to them, see what they say. Packaging was just two pieces of bubble wrap that did not do the parts justice which rattled freely in the box. Haven't they seen those UPS and Fedex delivery throwing videos? Mr Ralliart's shifter: http://www.lancerregister.com/showpost.php?p=5121130&postcount=50 (yes, I copied his naked, shift boot-less way of mounting) You can see him using it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLd2jQ-yHx0 Update 16/3/2015: Laile sent me a replacement top retainer to replace the damaged one. Now it looks perfect. Thanks Laile!

Defi DSSCのオープニング
DefiのマルチメーターDSSC(Defi SUPER SPORTS CLUSTER)のオープニングです JZA80 Supraの前期に埋め込みしておます

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V - CP9A - 2015 - rgz production
Lancer EVO V - The project of lifetime. Enjoy. I have built this car many years. Special thanks to AMW Dyno Service. Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V - CP9A Engine: -CP 9:1 Pistons -Brian Crower Rods -Arp Main bolts -Arp Rod Bolts Head: -GSC Power Division S1 cams -ARP head bolts -EVO ix head gasket Clutch: -Carbonetic EVO IX flywheel -Carbonetic EVO IX single blade -Carbonetic EVO IX pressure plate -ARP flywheel bolts Gearbox: -EVO V 5MT -Redline MT-90 -EVO V RS transfer box -Redline 75W90 Diff: -EVO IX RS diff -EVO IX RS shafts -Redline 75W90 Exhaust: -Race-Tech manifold -TD05HR-20G-9,8T OEM mitsu. Ported & modified. -AMW 3" elbow -3" Downpipe -Blitz Nur Spec R Intake: -HKS RS intake -HKS piping -Hybrid racing Intercooler -EVO IX by-pass valve -Stock MAF Fuel: -Bosch EV14 1200cc -AMS fuel rail -Walbro 255 Electronics: -Stock ECU -Spoolin up COil-on-plug -Greddy Profec Spec II -AEM wideband -Stri meters -Brisk DOR12IR Suspension & brakes: -BC Racing BR track. -Whiteline sway bars front & rear -Whiteline links -Cusco strut bars front & rear -Mtec brake discs -Ferodo 2500 brake pads. -18x8,5 wheels -Yokohama AD08R 235/40R18