EVO V (CP9A) + Defi DSSC﹝Defi Super Sport Cluster﹞初作

MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION V (CP9A) + Defi DSSC(Defi Super Sport Cluster)初作..

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Defi Cluster

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V - CP9A - 2015 - rgz production
Lancer EVO V - The project of lifetime. Enjoy. I have built this car many years. Special thanks to AMW Dyno Service. Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V - CP9A Engine: -CP 9:1 Pistons -Brian Crower Rods -Arp Main bolts -Arp Rod Bolts Head: -GSC Power Division S1 cams -ARP head bolts -EVO ix head gasket Clutch: -Carbonetic EVO IX flywheel -Carbonetic EVO IX single blade -Carbonetic EVO IX pressure plate -ARP flywheel bolts Gearbox: -EVO V 5MT -Redline MT-90 -EVO V RS transfer box -Redline 75W90 Diff: -EVO IX RS diff -EVO IX RS shafts -Redline 75W90 Exhaust: -Race-Tech manifold -TD05HR-20G-9,8T OEM mitsu. Ported & modified. -AMW 3" elbow -3" Downpipe -Blitz Nur Spec R Intake: -HKS RS intake -HKS piping -Hybrid racing Intercooler -EVO IX by-pass valve -Stock MAF Fuel: -Bosch EV14 1200cc -AMS fuel rail -Walbro 255 Electronics: -Stock ECU -Spoolin up COil-on-plug -Greddy Profec Spec II -AEM wideband -Stri meters -Brisk DOR12IR Suspension & brakes: -BC Racing BR track. -Whiteline sway bars front & rear -Whiteline links -Cusco strut bars front & rear -Mtec brake discs -Ferodo 2500 brake pads. -18x8,5 wheels -Yokohama AD08R 235/40R18

Defi DSSCのオープニング
DefiのマルチメーターDSSC(Defi SUPER SPORTS CLUSTER)のオープニングです JZA80 Supraの前期に埋め込みしておます

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