1989 Dodge Colt 4G63 Turbo Drag Race

Nate Pharr's 1989 Dodge Colt GT with a 4G63 swap. This classic video (circa 1998 or 1999, I believe) was a big part of my decision to buy one of these great cars. In this run Nate busts a tire-spinning 12.0@121mph. His best time (according to the old times.dsm.org) was an 11.64@124.74. Awesome!

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Nasty 600whp Colt goes 9.5 squatting hard!
This sleeper colt that has a 2.0L 4g63 and a AWD swap ran solid all weakend at the 2014 DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout. It ended up winning the Max Effort Class which a autocross & drag race combined time setup. Who would of thought this little budget build would perform so well?

10.00 740whp 4g63 Colt sleeper!
This 740whp Colt runs multiple 10.0 passes at the 2013 DSM Shootout! Sponsored by FORCED PERFORMANCE

1992 AWD 4G63 Colt Dyno Pulls 556 AWHP
Aaron took his Colt down to Fathouse Fabrications to have it tuned by Adam Blevins after making a few changes over the winter. The car performed well! Aaronsbig16g 1992 Colt 4G63 Swap AWD Swap 35R GSC Cams

89 colt gt awd 4g63 swap pte6262 dyno
Finally got my car done. Tuned by Cortney Green. CG racing. Dynojet Dyno pte6262, built 4g63, fid2000s e85. 28psi. Numbers were 600hp and 487tq.